February 26, 2024

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Yannis Tsimitzlis: Appearance at Intermission – Speech by Vaso Laskaraki

Yannis Tsimitzlis: Appearance at Intermission – Speech by Vaso Laskaraki

Check out the look Yannis Tsimitsilis made in Break.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Giannis Tsimitsilis will appear on Break. In fact, Vasu Laskaraki was asked about this, which also caused her reaction.

Vaso Laskarakis: “Don’t ask me such stupid questions, I can’t do this anymore”

But on Sunday afternoon, Yannis Tsimitzlis finally appeared on his ex-wife’s show. In particular, the “Brick” projection camera was found in the theater where the play “For Life” was being shown, in which the actor plays the main role, and it would have been logical for him to also speak.

One of the questions he received was whether “love passes through love”, to which Yannis Tsimitsilis replied: “Accordingly. And with friends you can spend. In general with the people around you.”

Alexandros Antonopoulos recalled a recent meeting with a former partner: “Suddenly the day before yesterday a very beloved friend of mine from the past appeared. I was very touched and it was a great gift.”

Upon his return from the video, Vaso Laskaraki said: “Oh, no, children, those with family entanglements, they bother me a lot. Come, come out, ex-lovers, they came, they came, they didn’t do… very difficult things.”

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