February 27, 2024

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Giorgos Tsalekis: A Heartbreaking Confession of the Tempe Tragedy

Giorgos Tsalekis: A Heartbreaking Confession of the Tempe Tragedy

He appeared regularly in the nightclub with Giorgos Giannias

Several nightclubs were closed this past weekend as a sign of mourning for the tragedy that occurred in Tempe on Tuesday 2/28. However, there were also those who, for various reasons, chose to work, at least one of the two days.

One of them was the shop where Paula appeared with Giannis Plutarchos, where only the singer appeared, as her brother has chosen to stay away during these very difficult times for our country. In fact, Paula explained her decision and answered the negative comments.

Another store that worked in those days was the one where Giorgos Tsalikis and Giorgos Giannias appeared. Before starting to sing, the two artists took to the stage, and the former proceeded to make a personal and poignant confession about his personal life, explaining why they chose to continue their show amidst all this pain.

Confession of Giorgos Tsalikis on the occasion of the Tempe tragedy

“To have fun till the morning, I want to say two very short and true words, without getting caught, on behalf of Giorgos because we have discussed it. We have all experienced exactly the same these days. Bitterness of heartbreak and disappointment. When I was in Romeo I lost my brother-in-law and the next night I was gone To the shop to work.

This store employs 50-60 people. For them, it’s not fun, it’s their job. That’s why we’re here. Through music comes healing. Tonight, without forgetting, we will heal through music. Enjoy, ”said the singer among others.

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