May 18, 2024

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Greece ranks 25th globally for the quality of its democracy

Greece ranks 25th globally for the quality of its democracy

According to the Economist report,The state of democracy around the world»Greece ranks 25th in the world in terms of the quality of its republic, with 7.97 points, compared to 7.56 in the previous year.

An important response to the opposition parties, the way they do it, we will soon think that we are citizens of an anti-democratic country and live under a totalitarian regime, which beats day and night illiberal methods of control and suppresses them. Citizens. But is this true?

For opposition reasons before the election, obviously yes, because the drowned man is stigmatized by his hair. But in fact, no. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest report, The State of Democracy around the World, Greece not only ranks high on the scoreboard, but shows the fourth annual increase in this indicator worldwide.

The opposition compares the situation of democracy in Greece with the corresponding conditions in various African countries, which are dominated by corruption and tyranny. It is similar to Sudan, Chad and Angola. Countries rated by The Economist at 2.47, 1.67, and 3.96, respectively. It compares us to immature former socialist countries in Europe such as Bulgaria which has a rating of 6.53.

Until now. According to the same report, the quality of democracy in our country was rated at 7.97 points from 7.56 points last year. Greece’s score puts it well ahead of Italy, Portugal and all the former Eastern Bloc countries in Europe. It gets very close to the eight-point region, where Spain, France, Austria, the United Kingdom and Germany meet.

According to the report, Greece is characterized as “Great philanthropistThat is, the country that shows the greatest improvement in Europe, despite the “surveillance scandal.” Our country ranks 25th globally, by measurements related to specific quality characteristics. Among them is the return of citizens’ confidence in the country, the way the health crisis is managed, and the way to deal With the energy crisis and economic crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The manner in which the government dealt with all these issues by respecting and defending the rights of citizens neutralized any objections to the issue of surveillance and complaints of obstruction of the investigative work of journalists. Indeed, The Economist focuses on the government’s legislative initiatives to protect the country from these phenomena, including the possession and use of such illegal software for offenses that carry sentences of up to ten years in prison.

Why is The Economist’s report important to our country and why does Greece’s 25th place have a substantive reflection in the real world? Because this report is calculated among the benchmarks used by governments, corporations, organizations, investors and those who are called upon to make serious decisions.

The outcome of the report is likely to displease the opposition and shatter the imaginary vision of the Syrian left’s anti-regime fighters. But in the real world, big decisions are based on serious exposure. Most people who make or support decisions trust reports. Exhibitions that disappoint the supporters of their existence, in ruptures and struggles against their imagination, which turned them into oppressed and unfree citizens.

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