March 4, 2024

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“Green light” from the European Union for the use of mobile devices on board

“Green light” from the European Union for the use of mobile devices on board

Airlines will now be able to provide the latest technology Fifth generation (5G) In their aircraft, along with mobile technologies of previous generations, such as European Commission Updating its executive decision regarding the radio spectrum for mobile communications on board aircraft, and specifying specific frequencies for the fifth generation technology on board.

Thus, travelers on EU trips will be able to use the features and capabilities of their mobile phones, just like 5G terrestrial mobile networks.

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5G technology will provide innovative services for consumers and growth opportunities for European companies.

Widespread use of 5G networks

Since 2008, an executive decision of the Commission has reserved certain frequencies for mobile communications on aircraft, allowing airlines to provide messaging, phone calls and data services to passengers on EU flights. The update of the Commission’s executive decision on mobile communications on board aircraft paves the way for the widespread deployment of 5G services.

The service is provided inside aircraft cabins equipped with special network equipment (the so-called “picocell”), which connects users and directs calls, text messages and data, usually via a satellite network, between the aircraft and the terrestrial mobile network.

Moreover, the committee amended an executive decision regarding 5GHz frequency bands, allowing frequency bands for Wi-Fi in ground transportation, for example. in cars and buses. The modified resolution paves the way for innovations in the automotive industry, and possibly metaverse applications.

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According to the amended implementation decision, member states will make 5GHz frequency bands available for use by land vehicles as soon as possible and by June 30, 2023 at the latest.

The European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, characteristically stated that “the sky is no longer the limit for high-speed, high-performance communications” and stressed that 5G will enable the provision of innovative services that multiply development opportunities in the EU.