April 19, 2024

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Grills fire up at Varvaggio for Chignopempi – queues for fun, music and partying [εικόνες]

Grills fire up at Varvaggio for Chignopempi – queues for fun, music and partying [εικόνες]

The Municipality of Athens honors the tradition of Cygnopeptis again this year, as the grills have been burning since the beginning of the Varvagio Agora.

The event was opened by the municipal philharmonic orchestra, Karisma and the Isidoros Pateros orchestra. The mayor of Athens, Harris Doukas, “is present” at the traditional roast of the day at Varvagio.

Also, the Orchestral Art BAKHAI Cultural Association started its carnival route from Syntagma Square at 12:00, stopping at Kotsia Square, where it will represent the custom of Ribbons of Naxos and ending at Monastiraki Square.

Tsiknopemptis weather: G. Tsatrafillias explains with a map which areas are likely to receive rain [εικόνα]

Images of Signopettis in the Varvaggio Agora

Set in many Greek homes… Masters of this genre host customers who come to Varvagio early in the morning to do the last shopping for the signisma and the table. It is worth noting that a similar scene prevails in other cities of Greece, for example, at the fish ladder of Kavala, grills are lit from dawn.

However, the atmosphere of the Varvaggio Agora – again this year – is festive from the morning, with music and plenty of food for everyone.

The Mayor of Athens, Harris Doukas

*Photos: Tatiana Pollari/Eurokinissi & IntimeNews / Liakos Yannis

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