July 23, 2024

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GTA 6 will have an exclusive technology for incredibly “realistic and dynamic” animation

GTA 6 will have an exclusive technology for incredibly “realistic and dynamic” animation

We recently reported to you about a rumor about technologies being set up by Rock Games For high expectations GTA 6, which looks like it will feature revolutionary physics, insanely realistic car crashes, and massive water show upgrades, for example. It appears the beloved development team has already invested huge sums of money into the technology for its next title, as some more reliable details have now emerged.

Specifically, Take-Two, the parent company behind Rockstar and the famous Grand Theft Auto series, Recently obtained a patent for groundbreaking driving technology Which will be able to display “dynamic and highly realistic animation” of GTA characters. This exclusive Rockstar-owned technology was discovered by Reddit user u/Tobbelobben30, who discovered it thanks to Tobias Kleanthous, a former Rockstar Games employee who specialized in AI, gameplay, and animation from 2014 to the end of 2021.

Cleanthus is listed as the lead inventor on the patent, which is titled “System and Method for Virtual Character Motion.” Examining the patent, which is no longer publicly available, u/Tobbelobben30 concluded that it contains details of a sophisticated system that works as follows: It includes a library of basic animations that can be combined with each other in various ways. These combinations of basic movements compose new, more complex movements, allowing characters to move not only in certain pre-determined ways, but completely realistically and dynamically.

This innovative approach means that GTA 6 characters will be able to seamlessly adapt their movements to different scenarios. For example, their gait will change when they are in the rain, or when they feel tired or injured. Instead of requiring developers to create separate animations for each possibility, this technology will use the basic movements you know to actually assemble the animation for all of the character’s actions.

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