February 27, 2024

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Has public spending for temp victims even been “cut”?

Has public spending for temp victims even been “cut”?

Friday, March 3, 2023, from a gathering of schoolchildren and students in Larissa for the horrific train accident in Tempe.

Leonidas Zegas/Urokinisi

The government has revealed itself to the families of dozens of victims of the crime in Tempe that, after initially promising their relatives full coverage of funeral expenses, now appears to be making “cuts” in public. Deep sadness and a big “why?” In search of responsibilities.

As if that was not enough, to speed up the cases under pressure from the families and public opinion, the postmortem report was released uniformly for all the victims, but the cause of death of the 55 passengers was “train accident”. Unfortunately, despite the cries of anguish from the families and the community anger surrounding the crime in Tempe, it is a very common word that unfortunately leaves no room for the competent authorities and organization to be held accountable.

publication Thesstoday.gr For public expenditure related to funeral rites notified through official gazette as above. Proper forensic sources explain that the government expenditure per person was 2,000 Euros and initially it was 3,500 Euros. As a result, many funeral homes that had been discussing carrying out the cremation eventually withdrew their proposals, which inevitably led to victims’ relatives reaching into their pockets.

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