April 1, 2023

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Lawsuits against employees and complaints of inadequate security

According to OPEN, OSE rejected discussions with employees who pointed out deficiencies in the security sector and responded to unions with out-of-court actions.

The authorities’ investigation must go deeper into how the two trains collided head-on and how we led to the Tempe disaster.

Public Light As days go by, they see shocking revelations hosted on a TV station, OPEN.

As the station revealed, OSE’s boss responded to the unions with out-of-court actions, rejecting discussions with employees who pointed out deficiencies in the safety department.

Notably, the Panhellenic Union of Traction Personnel, one of the unions belonging to the OSE confederation, sent an out-of-court statement on October 31, 2022, citing issues with railway safety.

The extrajudicial court wrote inter alia: “We request immediate restoration of railway infrastructure, remote control, light signals and security of the network which has been problematic for years”.

According to labor expert Yiannis Karouzos, the OSE responded to these demands with an out-of-court statement to the workers that everything they supported was defamatory and that they would suffer the consequences.

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