April 1, 2023

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Tempi: Hoops champion Christophoros Konstantinidis loses mother in accident – “This country killed her, it wasn’t an accident”

The sportsperson’s news has shocked social media

A mute pain, sadness and anger prevails for the dozens of souls lost in Tempe, never to return.

The death toll from the “frozen” crash in the country has risen to 57, of whom 54 have been identified.

Relatives of the victims receive the bodies in sealed boxes while cranes remove the locomotives of the commercial train from the scene of the tragedy.

Among the passengers who lost their lives in an instant was the mother of ring champion Christophoros Konstantinidis.

The athlete wanted to say goodbye to her in his own way and published a special post on his personal Instagram account, at the same time expressing his anger over the accident.

“Unfortunately, there is still no hope. I want to say two things. I have fought many times in my chest. I managed this because a mother behind me spent countless hours every day in the cold, in the rain, in the sun, with two children by the hand, in a stroller, on two buses. He went and took him for training.

This mother gave her child, her years, and more to this country, and this country killed her, and it was no accident,” wrote shocked Christoforos Konstantinidis.

His post

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