February 7, 2023

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Hooters waitress causes panic on TikTok when she reveals how much she earns: “How can I work there?” (video)

A Hooters waitress shocked people by revealing how much she makes in a week’s work.

If you haven’t heard of it trumpetsit is about a American restaurant chain Where employees wear white jackets and “hot” orange pants. They have become a popular destination for bachelors and groups of men who want a place to drink, eat, and even Kids birthday party. children.

chain based United States of America also spreads to United kingdomwith a first site in Nottingham The second one, which recently opened its doors in Liverpoolalthough the resolution attempt Ban the restaurant.

Certain series critics have panned the work, arguing that trumpets It “degrades and degrades women” and that it works in an “exploitative manner”.


How much do I make in a week at Hooters🦉🧡

♬ original sound – taylor basee 🙂

However, some wondered if they could get a job there after hearing how much a Hooters waitress could earn in a week.
Talking on TikTok, Hooters waitress Taylor Bassey She revealed her earnings in one week and estimated she had earned $1,030 (£856) over five shifts, prompting more than a few to consider whether they could get a job there.

“Okay, I’ll get a job at Hooters,” said one, while another said Taylor “gets half a week’s pay in two days” while another noted that he knew someone who “paid for college and bought a house” who worked there.

her daily wages Taylor It ranged from $333 for a Friday night shift to just $59 for a Sunday afternoon shift, with TikToker saying it made $130 that week, “Usually he makes 600 to 700 dollars a week.”.

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