December 9, 2023

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How addicted are you to the Internet? – See 5 categories in which scientists distinguished themselves

How addicted are you to the Internet?  – See 5 categories in which scientists distinguished themselves

Scientists from a number of prestigious institutions around the world, including the University of Surrey, have conducted new research into Internet use patterns and their addictive properties.

Therefore, this study revealed thatYoung person, 24 years of age or younger, engages in online activities for approximately six hours per daywhile Seniors spend about 4.6 hours. doctor. Brigitte Stangel, head of the study at the University of Surrey, stressed the distinction between problematic Internet use and outright addiction. Their results were shown Greater tendency for Internet addiction in younger demographic groupswhich decreases with age.

When evaluating the responses of 796 participants, the team found no relationship between gender and online behavior. However, an interesting pattern emerged: Those with increased levels of Internet addiction expressed greater confidence in using mobile technology, including a stronger interest in exploring new applications.

Therefore, the research team proposed a new solution.Internet addiction spectrum“, which divides users into five main categories. Below you can see their descriptions and some statistics from the ranking of participants on this spectrum.

The five levels of the Internet addiction spectrum, according to new research:

Users sometimes (14.86%): This group mainly connects to the Internet for specific functions and disconnects without being distracted. They show no signs of addiction, and are generally older, with an average of 33.4 years. They are less interested in exploring new applications.

Initial users (22.86%): These people often stay on the Internet longer than originally planned and somewhat neglect their household chores, but they do not consider themselves addicts.. They are moderately interested in new orders and have an average age of 26.1 years.

Experimenters (21.98%): This group feels uncomfortable or stressed when they are not online. Once they are online, they feel better. Experimenters are more willing to try new apps and technologies and their average age ranges between 22.8 and 24.3 years.

Addicted to denial (17.96%): These users exhibit addictive behaviors such as forming new relationships online and neglecting their real obligations to stay online – however, they do not admit to feeling uncomfortable when they are offline. They are also quite confident in using mobile technology.

addicted (22.36%): This group openly admits to their addiction to the Internet and acknowledges its negative effects on their lives – they are the most confident in using new apps and technology. Their time online is much longer than regular users.

You can find the complete scientific research By clicking here.

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