December 6, 2023

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P-Lies Review: The Lies End Here!

P-Lies Review: The Lies End Here!

I’m a fan of Soulslike games. I’ve mentioned this many times before. Personally, it’s one of my favorite genres in recent years, since I count countless hours in all of its games of programs, But also in many other titles produced by other studios. When I saw his ad P lies I didn’t know how to feel at first, but over time, as Neowiz Games released new trailers for it, I became more excited. In case you didn’t know, h Newways Games A developer and publisher from South Korea, Lies of P is their first major title, which means that not only do they have no experience in the genre, but they’ve rarely put out anything ‘big’. Neowiz Games is based in Seoul, and has been bringing games from other companies to the country, while releasing other small-scale titles, while the development of Lies of P has also helped Round Studio 8.

For that reason alone I was as skeptical about Lies of P as I often felt about it Bloodborne I thought it would be a simple version with one story of Pinocchio. However, I’m happy to say I completely disagreed (thankfully), since this is a big title with its own identity and borrows a lot from the “Souls” games from Bloodborne and FromSoftware. Released at the end of September for PlayStation, Xbox (and Xbox Game Pass) and PC, Lies of P is an action RPG that I enjoyed from start to finish, without breaking any new ground.

“Lies of P” is inspired by the famous fairy tale.The Adventures of Pinocchio” by the legendary Carlo Collodi and wants to tell you the story of Pinocchio, a puppet like no other. The game explains that all the puppets were created by Geppetto in the City of Balls thanks to a revolutionary power source called Ergo – which Ergo created. They are essentially the souls of the game. The puppets were not a threat to humans at first But after some events, which you learned from notes all over the map and also from NPCs, they attack the human race and so a great war begins.

At the beginning of the game, the main character, Pinocchio, wakes up on a train all alone in the now-dead town of Balls, and sees that not only is not a single person alive, but that the entire town is full of dolls that aren’t… well, them. His first and most important goal is to find Geppetto who is lost somewhere in Krat and thus begins a terrible journey.

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I can say I liked the lore and story of Lies of P but that’s about it. Don’t expect the crazy twists or deep lore we see in the Souls games. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s disappointing. To learn more about his story, you should definitely take a look at the points of interest that you will find during the game or by talking to NPCs. On the other hand, I cannot say that the characters I met remained in my mind, except for two or three specific memorable characters.

And since we’re talking about a game based on the Pinocchio fairy tale, there can’t be any… lies here. Yes, the title has one Lying system Which unlocks when an NPC asks the protagonist something specific. No, do not expect his nose to grow like in a fairy tale, but depending on the answer (true or wrong) you give, different things will happen, which you must discover for yourself and give a basis for.

Its atmosphere and all the parts this game has to offer during its 30-35 hours are also unforgettable. The game really smelled like “winter” from start to finish, with Krat City looking gorgeous, drenched in rain and lightning most of the time. The landscapes, places and in general all levels and design in Lies of P are captured in rich and wonderful detail and provide a very beautiful effect on the screen, which I think will not disappoint even the most demanding.

But don’t expect Bloodborne-level tracks. I have to say somewhere here, that the development team has made all the levels very well, especially the balls, and there are also the classic shortcuts here so you don’t get lost and to fill potions (if I didn’t say vials, I’d be dead) in Stargazers, which works like Bonfires in Souls. With Stargazers you’ll be able to teleport from one path to another, access your chest, etc.

The big drawcard of the game is of course the gameplay, and since we’re talking about a very Soulslike game, you more or less know what to expect in terms of difficulty. Yes, Lies of P is very difficult, but they turn it up several times harder. So it’s not as well thought out as Soulslike, and the enemy AI could be better. For example, you may find a powerful enemy who will torture you until you kill him, but the boss of this path, which by nature should be a harder enemy, is too easy and dies… First – try! I have encountered this phenomenon many times in the game. Of course, there are also many bosses that require a lot of study to kill, and you will certainly die several times until you find a way to “break” their defenses.

Equipment in Lies of P plays a very important role and you will find many different weapons, amulets and rings, which you can upgrade in the main hub of the game which is the Krat Hotel. Inside this hotel are all of the game’s central NPCs, with each one having their own role and story. These NPCs are also vendors, with each of them doing something different. One can upgrade weapons or craft them for you, while the other can upgrade your mechanical arm, and so on. And since I said mechanical arm, let me tell you that there is no magic in Lies of P.

You can’t choose to be wizards. The game gives you three options at the beginning and you have to choose the style that suits you. However, everything is done by the mechanical hand I said above. These are mechanical hands that change after a certain point in the game, with each hand being unique and having a different characteristic. For example, a character’s first mechanical arm can throw rope and bring enemies closer to him, while another can throw fire. It is basically a secondary weapon with special abilities that are very important in battle and believe me it will get you out of a difficult situation more often than not.

Let me say at this point, that in Lies of P there isn’t even equipment with armor in the sense of spirits. There are no separate costumes to decorate your character and raise your stats. Instead, the development team chose to incorporate simple costumes that only change the character’s appearance and can be found as complete sets.

The gameplay in the game is very entertaining, strong and fun, and relies on attacks and a “dry” defense that breaks if the character receives too many hits, as well as dodging. Barry works in the same way as in Axe: Shadows die twice, where with the push of a button at the right moment, an enemy can be held still and opened for a final blow from Pinocchio. This is very addictive and many times I found myself trying to dodge my way out of combat enough to see that final move. I should mention that each weapon has a different ultimate move. What’s also good is that Lies of P keeps releasing many tutorials, which explain exactly how the gameplay mechanics work, so I think it won’t be too difficult for you to learn to dodge properly.

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I also want to mention that you will face many different enemies with a special design, but also a wide variety of bosses (and hidden bosses that you may miss if you do not search the areas well). There’s also a special talent tree system, from there you can upgrade your potion vials (yes I’ll call them vials), but also Pinocchio himself.

One of the things that also turned me off was the lack of collaboration. One of my favorite things about Souls is playing the entire game with my friends. Unfortunately, the development team chose not to add this feature. However, if you are having difficulty fighting the bosses, there is an option to summon an NPC called Specter who helps each boss and makes it more difficult.

Lies of P has very nice graphics as a whole, without being too “next-gen”, since the game is also available on previous generation consoles. I was able to play the PC version on Ultra settings at 165fps and it was really beautiful and responsive. I had no complaints about the music either, which did what it was supposed to do right, while also highlighting some of the soundtracks that popped up during boss fights. I should also mention that the entire UI and menus in general for the game will look quite familiar to you if you’ve played FromSoftware games even once in your life, and the handling is also good and solid and adds to these games.

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