June 13, 2024

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How the accident happened with the Turkish businessman in Leros – the captain threw the children overboard to save them

How the accident happened with the Turkish businessman in Leros – the captain threw the children overboard to save them

As Turkish businessman Ali Sambanci is hospitalized under anesthesia, shocking descriptions of the serious accident he suffered in Leros, when his speedboat hit rocks, come to light.

At the time of the accident, the Sambansi couple, along with their two sons Emre and Can, and the captain and his wife, were on the speedboat. According to the Turkish website egedesonsoz, it was Ali Sambanci who was at the head of the team, not the team leader.

The businessman and his wife were in the front, while the captain with his wife and two children, Champancy, sat in the back of the speedboat. It should be noted that the Greek Coast Guard reported the presence of 4 Turks, a South African and a British citizen on board the ship.

The incident occurred while the group was on their way to dinner at Leros as the couple in Champancy celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Other Turkish reports indicate that the accident occurred on the way back.

The captain threw the children overboard

The Turkish Oksijen website, which quoted family relatives and eyewitnesses who rushed to help, says that the captain sitting in the back of the boat was the first to discover the rocks. According to some Turkish reports, he allegedly managed to shout “caution rocks”, but there was no time to react. The captain reportedly threw Champancey’s children overboard to save them and then jumped on himself, seconds later the boat hit rocks and capsized.

Ali Chambansy and his wife Doğan were trapped under the boat in the water. The same Turkish reports said the children released their mother and Capt. Ali Chambansy, who realized the two injured were unconscious but found them alive when he checked their pulse.

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Five boats rushed to the scene to provide assistance, including the Greek coast guard and Mehmet Bashir, a businessman from Adana, owner of ABC Holding. The couple was taken to Leros Hospital, where they underwent operations, and then to Bodrum, and then to the private American Hospital in Istanbul.

Splenectomy and stent for businessman and his wife with serious facial injuries

According to Turkish media, the Turkish businessman, who underwent splenectomy in Leros and placed a stent in Istanbul due to a ruptured aorta, relapsed last night and underwent a new operation due to bleeding from an abdominal wound. He will remain under anesthesia for the next 48 hours.

According to Turkey’s T24 channel, both Ali and Dogan Sambanci did not suffer from a “cranial/brain injury” but operations will continue for both of them.

His wife is still recovering – also under anesthesia – after the 5.5-hour surgery that involved traumatologists and facial plastic surgeons. Foslat Doğan Sambanci reportedly hit her head against the glass bulkhead at the front of the boat and sustained injuries to her face and mouth.

On the other hand, Esas Holding’s announcement states: “All operations of Esas Holding Chairman Ali Sabancı and his wife Fuslat Doğan Sabancı have been successfully completed, their health is improving and they are being closely monitored. We would like to inform the public and express our thanks for their wishes of recovery.”

Erdogan, the mayor of Istanbul, and businessmen in the hospital bid each other farewell

Today, as Turkish media reported, the Sambansi couple visited their colleagues and relatives at the American Hospital in Istanbul.

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In the hospital were Demiroren Holding Chairman Yildirim Demiroren and his wife, Revna Demiroren, Kalyon Holding Chairman Cemal Kalyoncu, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, who conveyed his wishes to passers-by, Akif Çatay Kilic, Erdogan’s chief advisor, deputies. and Nile Olbak, president of the Council on Foreign Economic Relations, and others who wished “goodbye” to the couple’s relatives. Puslat Dugam Champansi’s mother, Cheema Dugam, was also present as Champansi’s relative, speaking to reporters about her health, said, “Thank God.”

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