July 23, 2024

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Huge losses for the Ukrainians – Makeleio.gr

Huge losses for the Ukrainians – Makeleio.gr

The war in Ukraine has shown that Russia is a military superpower, while the Americans themselves openly admit that NATO will not be able to defeat Russia even in a conventional war.
The situation is tragic in Ukraine Cemeteries are flooded, geolocated photos show chaos, and new cemeteries are on the rise in Ukraine…
And while the Ukrainian counterattack failed in Ukraine once their soldiers were eliminated, according to US Colonel MacGregor, 400,000 Ukrainians have been killed since February 22, 2022, to date.
In Ukraine, they are planning a new mobilization, the army is even using the reserves to support the counterattack…
Already the 82nd brigade of Ukrainians, Better yet, it is beginning to destroy… The Russians are warning that the Ukrainians will run out of soldiers….
While even the American think tank Stratfor admits that Ukraine has failed militarily, politically and diplomatically because it committed three strategic mistakes and it now has two options between… “Sylla and Charybdis”!

And while the situation on the battlefield is dire for the Ukrainians, they boast that they have captured the village of Robotyn which is flattened, and there is no habitable house…

The former Prosecutor General of Ukraine filed a very serious complaint, the Biden family is corrupt, I have interests in Ukraine, they paid a million dollars to kick me out…
It is known that Biden’s son is a drug addict cocaine user He had large business interests in Ukraine… and he is accused in the United States in several cases….

NATO would be defeated in the face of a conventional war with Russia. Bitter facts from an American colonel, a former advisor to Trump

during the past decades, The prevailing narrative was that Russia would lose a conventional war with NATO.
However, this idea never held true, not even during the disastrous 1990s.
Today, this could not be further from the truth.
Since the beginning of his decade In 2000, Russia recorded an impressive upgrade of its already large military force, a process that has yet to reach its climax.
The United States is trying to block the Russian rearmament program, at least to prevent further growth of power.

This was such a priority for the Pentagon that it pushed Ukraine into a suicidal confrontation with Russia in hopes of derailing the buildup.
This was stated publicly by the US Secretary of Defense at the end of April 2022, when he said, “We want to see Russia weaken.”
Meanwhile, the Russian military is being portrayed as weak… by Western propaganda…
If so, why does the United States need to “weaken Russia”?

This kind of mind game is quite common in the United States, where political elites often inadvertently expose the absurdity of their claims.
The US Secretary of Defense’s statement was issued a year ago, but since then, not only has America failed miserably in its resolve to weaken Russia, the Russian military has actually been strengthened.
Various improvements from increasing the use of drones to significantly reducing response time to battlefield threats… Missiles, air forces, etc. have been recognized for their effectiveness…

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There are many reasons for the Russian military’s dominance on the battlefield, which has been further strengthened by the escalation of petty military attacks on political targets inside Russia, or at least by “propaganda attacks” launched by Ukrainians for propaganda purposes.

The cruel discoveries of the American Colonel MacGregor

However, it comes to the question of how the Russian army will actually perform in a conflict with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with conventional weapons.
The answers to this question are given by US Colonel McGregor, a senior advisor to the Trump administration

“I think all the lies that have been circulating for more than a year and a half about ‘the Ukrainians are winning’, ‘the Ukrainian cause is strong’, ‘the Russians are bad’ and ‘the Russians are incompetent’ have all come to pass,” McGregor stressed, adding that he is crumbling. Because what happens on the battlefield is horrible.
Ukrainians now believe that they have xMore than 400,000 men died in the battle. We were talking about 300-350 thousand a few months ago.
In the last month of this alleged counterattack, the Ukrainians lost at least 40,000 soldiers.

The estimate of military casualties is questionable for several factors, including attempts by the Kiev regime to conceal catastrophic losses…
However, lower estimates now put more than 250,000 soldiers killed in action.
We can only imagine a number WIA/MIA (wounded/missing in action), but MacGregor gave a rough estimate of that as well, estimating that the highly publicized counterattack “mutilated 40,000 to 50,000 Ukrainians”. And that “hospitals are full of wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

He also indicated that the units are complete They are given up because of the huge number of wounded who cannot be evacuated.
The Ukrainian soldiers know that they will be treated fairly by the Russian military, something the Ukrainian administration cannot do nor care about, which simply leads to their certain death.
Even the fanatical anti-Russian Azov units captured in Mariupol and elsewhere were treated humanely, in contrast to the Russian prisoners who were subjected to brutal torture and summary execution.

What will happen in NATO’s war with Russia?

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Yet, more importantly, MacGregor has taken up perhaps the biggest case in 10 years…. Direct confrontation between Russia and NATO.
According to MacGregor, the warring coalition is simply not ready for war with Russia.
He warned of a continued decline in discipline and preparedness in NATO, due in large part to the ideological changes that have swept Western militaries in recent decades.
MacGregor TIt also highlighted the incomparable difference between the Russian military and the adversaries the United States has fought in countless wars.

He added, “Russia today is stronger than it was 30 or 40 years ago.
MacGregor emphasized: “You have a Russian military establishment that is now stronger and more capable than the Russian army was in the mid-1980s.”You can’t beat what the Russians built.

They were the first to realize in the 1970s the importance of linking intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance [ISR] In space, as well as on land and sea with offensive weapons.”

Then MacGregor mentioned how many types of long-range weapons Russia hasIncluding artillery and regular missiles, in addition to hypersonic missiles, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.
In turn, these systems are linked to Russia’s Enhanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Intelligence System (ISR), providing a near-real-time offensive capability.
MacGregor also warned that the hatred and hostility that the political West continues to show towards the Russian people has homogenized them, leading to a determination to fight not only the Ukrainians, but also NATO itself.

The reason this prospect is dangerous for the War Alliance is that it can’t really keep up with the Russian army because “potential enemies McGregor said the United States and NATO are investing in very different capabilities.
He pointed out how tired the US military is, reinforcing the notion that America is already suffering from imperial fatigue.
Its forces are very weak, especially since the Pentagon has neglected for years tactical air and missile defenses, which could lead to catastrophic losses in the event of a confrontation with a very dangerous opponent.

MacGregor also warned that if the pressure on Russia is not eased, the war will inevitably reach the United States itself.
He then stated that the recent precision strikes on the borders with Romania, Poland and Moldova, including hypersonic missiles, are a very clear message to the United States and NATO.
He estimated that the conventional military power of the United States could not be compared to what it was just two or three decades ago, and that the conventional military power of the United States could not be compared to what it was only two or three decades ago. War with a country like Russia would be an unpleasantly disappointing experience.. America’s conventional forces have deteriorated..
MacGregor claims that war never ceased to be an industrial endeavour, and that the United States has largely neglected its ability to sustain it.

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To better understand claims As for the American colonel, we must take into account the opinions of military sources such as Global Firepower, which regularly publishes a list of the most powerful military forces in the world.
According to their 2023 ranking, Russia is just behind the United States.
Their formula only counts conventional military force, which means that weapons of mass destruction are not taken into account.
It puts the US Energy Index at 0.0712, Russia at 0.0714 and China at 0.0722.

According to their formula, the lower the number, the stronger the state.
The United States, Russia and China are the only countries with an energy index of less than 0.1.
Since Russia’s conventional military power is almost identical to that of the US, this invalidates the absurd propaganda claiming that Russia is “Burkina Faso with nuclear weapons”.
However, due to its massiveness As large as the differences in nominal military spending between the two superpowers, it is clear that Russia is stronger on the basis of spending because the US economy is stronger…

Medvedev: The West has ignored Russia’s signals and is pushing the world into World War III

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with TASS and RT that Russia’s opponents in the West are pushing everyone towards World War III, ignoring the signals from Moscow.
“Honestly, it would definitely have been better if (Westerners) had picked up on the signs.
In any case, the world should not face the threat of a third world war.
In fact, this is where our opponents push everyone in that direction.”
A confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on Russia’s harsh response to the 2008 Georgia attack It should have sent a strong message to the United States and its NATO allies about the need to listen to Moscow’s concerns.
Moreover, Medvedev emphasized this The deputy head of the Russian Security Council said that the United States is the biggest winner in the Ukrainian conflict.
Who lost because of the conflict?
Europe has lost access to a large market.
We’ve had losses too, and we have to admit that.
But who is the winner? And it is the United States that put everyone under its economic leadership.”