April 18, 2024

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“I pray for the Greeks and the Turks, I hope you find joy again.”

“I pray for the Greeks and the Turks, I hope you find joy again.”

Shane Larkin via SPORT24 has sent a message to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and the families of the victims of the accident in Tempe, hoping that these people will find joy and peace once again.

Sports must unite. Especially in difficult situations, such as natural disasters or fatal accidents. Turkey and Greece faced two such horrific incidents and are suffering the consequences deeply. But the flow of daily life continues to flow and sport is part of it.

In this context, the match of Panathinaikos and Anatolo Efes in the 26th round of the Euroleague will take place as planned (2/3, 21:00, Novasports Prime and LIVE from SPORT24).

On this occasion, Sport 24 spoke to Shane Larkin, however, the conversation was largely about the deadly earthquakes that occurred in early February in our neighboring country and the train accident that occurred in Tempe, with the US Guard clearly affected by the suffering, but also clearly That he was satisfied with the help that everyone hastened to render to the earthquake victims in the country he called home for five years.

Interview with Vasiliki Karamouza

You’ll let me start out a little differently than usual. What do you know about the incident in Tempe? Do you think the match with Panathinaikos can be postponed after this tragedy?

“I’m not sure if there is a chance to postpone the match. Obviously, it’s tragic and we have to respect the lives lost, so whatever decision the Euroleague makes, we respect it 100%. I don’t know many details, but only two trains collided and a lot of people died. Children and students. I am praying for their families. You never want to hear news like this, it’s a very sad situation.”

Turkey also recently witnessed a great tragedy. Thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands have been displaced. What is the situation now and what needs to happen to get the country back on its feet?

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“It is difficult to say exactly what is needed after such a natural disaster. Every little help is important, clothes, water, food, tents. But the first priority I think should be to move these people to other areas and find shelter, because it cannot be rebuilt.” Many homes overnight.

Entire areas destroyed homes, schools, shops and hospitals. The situation is still very sad. We have to join forces and try step by step to rebuild these areas, try to give these people a sense of normalcy and routine, and help them rebuild their lives.”

Andreas Papaconstantino/Tourism Photography

You have a non-profit organization and a fundraiser for earthquake victims. Is there an estimate of the amount collected?

“Yes, there will be an announcement at the end of this week or early next week of how much has been raised and how it will be distributed. Many donations were made, from different parts of the world. People did not have to help, but there were many who showed Generosity, kindness and willingness to help in these difficult times.

I’ve been in Turkey for five years and feel very close and connected to the Turkish people, so I wanted to help in any way I could. I knew I had a platform and could reach people all over the world. It was such a bad reason that it happened, but I felt so good, that a huge part of the world showed selflessness and wanted to help, and I was a bridge for that to happen.”

As for basketball now, since that’s your day-to-day life, the Evis will be without Mickey due to injury. How does this affect the team? Will you need to take on more responsibilities during this time?

“Obviously when you lose a player who has that much responsibility, especially at the point guard position, everyone else has to step up. I’m going to have to take on more responsibility, and so does Eliza (Bryant), so does Rodrigue (Boboa). Overall, I have to take on more responsibility. Everyone has to show what they can do in times like this.Vasa (Micic) is one of the best players in the Euroleague in recent years, and we’re one of the best teams, but it’s a season where we’ve had enough with injuries, I’ve missed 17-18 games, And now Micic missed, as did some of the other players in the first half.

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The “next” player should always be ready. We have many players that we trust and trust. Now is that stage of the season where we have to look for big wins. Against Panathinaikos our chance to do so. Everyone has to do more, in defense, offense, rebounds, steals and trying to get the win. Panathinaikos has shown that he has talent and will go out “hungry” in an attempt to prove his worth against the champions. It will be a tough game, but we all have to do our best and win big.”

Andreas Papaconstantino/Tourism Photography

Do you know how long Micic will be out of action?

“I’m not sure. I don’t know exactly what the prognosis is for his knee injury. What I do know is that he’s on an individual training program in Constantinopoli and he’s looking good. From what I see and know, he’s working very hard to come back as quickly as possible and help us. I wish him well and hope he will be with us soon.”

On the other hand, big domestic rival Fenerbahçe completed the signing of Tyler Dorsey before the deadline. Are you at all worried about this move, given that it is likely to be a duel for the championship in Turkey?

“He’s clearly a great player, adding value to the team. I wouldn’t say we’re worried, but it’s definitely a good move for Fenerbahçe. I don’t think any of us think too much about it at this stage. We have a lot of things to do to work as a team and our focus is there. The teams are putting in the effort.” The others are doing everything they can to improve, but that’s not our concern. However, Dorsey is a very good player and he will help them.”

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Last but not least. Panathinaikos will face a team with a new coach, Christos Cyrillis and some recent additions, Matt Thomas and Dimitris Agrafanis. Do you think this makes greens more dangerous and unpredictable?

“Yes. Overall, I think they are a talented team. They had some very good moments against the top teams, or the teams that were in the top positions, and they also had some moments where they didn’t look so good. But they have talent and a lot of good players, plus They will play in front of their home fans. At the end of the day it is always difficult to come and play in such a special stadium, the fans always motivate Panathinaikos.

After all, when they play against the Euroleague champions, they will want a clear win and the extras may give a new dimension to their game, both offensively and defensively. It will be a difficult match, but we will have to focus, not let the world spoil our minds and show character to achieve victory.”

In conclusion, Shane Larkin via SPORT24 camera sent a message to the Greeks and Turks who are going through difficult times, stating:

“Tragedies have gripped Greece and Turkey in recent weeks. I pray to God and send my condolences to those affected by them. May you find peace and joy again. In these difficult times, my prayers are with you and with you I wish you well.”