October 4, 2023

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Intel’s new Raptor Lake Refresh processors are expected to be highly competitive – Intel

Intel’s new Raptor Lake Refresh processors are expected to be highly competitive – Intel

according to Latest informationIntel is expected to release its 14th generation Raptor Lake Refresh processors this October, and based on performance leaks, it is expected to be very competitive with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series processors.

According to VideoCardz, whose reporter cites information from usually trusted Twitter user Harukaze5719, the 14th generation Intel Core processors are expected to offer significantly higher performance compared to their predecessors, particularly in the area of ​​multi-threaded applications.

From the leak regarding the performance of the Core i5-14600KF processor (“K” indicates that it has unlocked multipliers and “F” that it does not have integrated graphics) in the Geekbench benchmark, it is understood that the 14-core / 20-thread processor is 5% faster than Its predecessor (Core i5-13600K) in the single-core benchmark test and is 17% faster in the multi-core test (with 2794 and 17190 points, respectively).

The system that “implemented” the benchmark is based on an integrated ASUS Z790 motherboard with 32 GB of DDR5-6000 memory. From the benchmark, we also learned that the “boost” operating frequency of the Core i5-14600KF is as much as 5.3 GHz (200 MHz higher than that of the Core i5-13600K). Although apart from the faster “improved” operating frequency, the differences in the Core i5-14600KF compared to the corresponding 13th generation model are not significant, the 17% increase in multi-core performance may “hide” other improvements for which we will learn more. As we approach the announcement date. We just hope that this performance boost is real and not forgetting that it does not come from any official source.

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