December 6, 2023

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iPhone 15: Thousands of complaints of overheating

iPhone 15: Thousands of complaints of overheating

Thousands of its customers apple He complained that the last model iPhone 15 is overheating, just days after its release.

Buyers of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have reported in online forums — including Apple’s customer support pages, Reddit, and other social media platforms — that their devices are too hot to touch.

More than 2,000 users on Apple forums have reported experiencing the overheating issue.

But others denied the existence of such a problem, and experts attributed this to the cheapness of charging cables and excessive use of video applications or games.

Apple declined to comment on the reports. Its customer support pages note that iPhones “may overheat” when first set up, using wireless charging or running “intensive apps.”

The iPhone 15 Pro is the first smartphone to be manufactured using the new 3nm chip technology from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a chipmaker that supplies Apple as well as Nvidia and several other Silicon Valley companies.

However, the most important change is the cessation of the use of Apple’s Lightning connector and the introduction of USB-C charging, as Apple had to comply with a new EU regulation, according to which all portable electronic devices must use the same charger with the specific connector that will be common between iPhones. iPad and Mac computers.

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