July 14, 2024

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iPhone: Learn all about its “superpowers”.

iPhone: Learn all about its “superpowers”.

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and complex technological gadgets ever created. Although many users are familiar with its basic functions, there are many hidden features that can He is ascending Significantly improves user experience and functionality.

From image and screenshot management techniques to custom settings and usage. LidarIt is important to know how you can get the most out of your device.


the your iphone It is a powerful device packed with features that can greatly enhance your user experience. However, many of these capabilities are not immediately apparent and remain hidden beneath the surface.

Next video from Hotshot Tech Explores a variety of tricks and tips designed to unlock the full potential of your iPhone, making your everyday tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Audible feedback for on/off

Enabling feedback sounds when turning your iPhone on and off can provide helpful audible confirmation, improving accessibility for voice-dependent users. To enable this feature:

go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio & Visual. Enable the option to turn on/off sounds.

Improve image management

Managing a large photo library can be a daunting task, but your iPhone offers features that make it much simpler.

One of these possibilities is the possibility Merge duplicate imagesproviding value Storage space On your device.

Additionally, you can use drag and drop to easily move images and text between apps, making multitasking easier and increasing productivity.

Advanced Screenshot Techniques

Screenshots are a powerful tool for capturing and sharing information, and your iPhone offers advanced techniques to get the most out of this feature:

  • Capture entire web pages and save them as PDF for easy reference.
  • For accurate drawing, hold your finger after drawing shapes or arrows to ensure clear, professional notes.

Comfortable text processing

Editing text on your iPhone can be made more efficient with a few simple tricks:

  • Converted Spacebar in The touchpad For precise control of the cursor, long press.
  • Use three-finger gestures to quickly access undo, cut, copy, and paste options.

Simplified file management

application Archives On iPhone, it lets you manage external drives directly, making it easy to access and organize your data. To quickly navigate within the app, tap and hold folder paths to quickly jump to specific directories.

This function is especially useful when dealing with large amounts of data, increasing the efficiency of file management.

Better efficiency

the Safari tripsthe default browser on your iPhone, offers several tips to improve your browsing efficiency:

  • Press and hold the back arrow to quickly go back to previously visited pages.
    To close all tabs at once, press and hold the tab tool.

Accurate measurements using LiDAR

If your iPhone has a LiDAR sensor, you can use the app “Measurement application“, for accurate measurements, including height. This tool is especially useful for jobs that require precise dimensions, such as home improvement or interior design projects.

Improve image composition

To improve the composition of your photos, enable grid and layer in your camera settings by going to Settings > CameraThese features help align shots and maintain balance in your photos, resulting in more attractive images.

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Effective selection shortcuts

When managing large amounts of data, such as emails or messages, use two fingers to quickly select multiple items. This shortcut simplifies group actions, making it easier to organize and process information.

Customize interactions with click-back

job back tap The back of your iPhone lets you assign actions to double or triple taps, adding a layer of customization to your interactions with the device. However, be careful about accidental activations when your device is in your pocket.

Automatically backup photos with Quibby Duo

the quibi binary It is an accessory that automatically backs up photos to an SD card via a USB-C adapter. This feature ensures that your precious memories are stored safely without manual intervention, providing peace of mind and convenience.

By incorporating these hidden features and tips into your daily routine, you can greatly improve your iPhone experience.

As usually stated Strange toolsFrom simplifying photo management to improving browsing efficiency, these features are designed to make your device more customizable, more productive, and more enjoyable to use your iPhone.