July 14, 2024

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The legendary Need for Speed ​​Underground game as you’ve never seen it before! (Video)

The legendary Need for Speed ​​Underground game as you’ve never seen it before! (Video)

The modding community has in the past created mods for old games, so that they look better “today”, because in addition to textures and resolution, they offer better RTX lighting and many other technologies. For example, a few months ago we saw a “remastered” version (as many call it) of its legendary game EA, Need for speed undergroundwhich bears the name RTX Remix Mod.

This mod has just been updated, and in the video inside the article you can get a little taste, but you can also see how the successful game has turned out today. The new version improves some known bugs, and the performance has also improved.

At the same time, version 0.1 adds new textures and packs with PBR textures, while the game runs in 4K resolution. In addition, all cars look more beautiful thanks to new lighting, while the same applies to roads and tracks in general, as well as to graphics in general.

You will find the Ministry of Defense By clicking here.

Here is the new change log:

  • All cars now have front and rear lights.
  • Volumetric lights and emission mask
  • Massive amount of new textures for PBR
  • Fixed transparent materials
  • Performance Improvements – Bug Fixes

Watch the video below and learn about the new game mode.

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