July 14, 2024

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JESA Technologies has won a Feasibility Study (FS) for a granulation plant for the Ammaroo Phosphate Project in Australia

JESA Technologies has won a Feasibility Study (FS) for a granulation plant for the Ammaroo Phosphate Project in Australia

JESA Technologies today announced that it has obtained a feasibility study for a MAP/DAP granulation plant for the Ammaroo Phosphate Project in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The site is located in the West Georgia Basin, about 220 km southeast of Tennant Creek, 270 km northeast of Alice Springs, 95 km from the Adelaide-Darwin Railway and 1,000 km from Darwin. The plant will be able to produce 960,000 metric tons per year of granular fertilizer based on 50% MAP product and 50% DAP product.

This project aims to be an integrated fertilizer complex that includes:

  • On-site extraction of rock phosphate.
  • Phosphate rock upgrade plant.
  • Phosphoric acid plant.
  • Sulfuric acid plant.
  • ammonia plant.
  • granulation plant.
  • Utilities, which include raw water, water treatment plant (purification and reverse osmosis), power plant, auxiliary boilers and air compressors, storage, rail import and export, etc.
  • Ancillary services include gas pipeline, railway line, residence village and airport.
  • Darwin’s infrastructure which includes port facilities, workshop, offices and control room.

David Evil, Managing Director, JESA Technologies, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Verdant Minerals on this feasibility study. This will be the second MAP/DAP plant in Australia, after the successful project at Phosphate Hill. “

Chris Tziolis, Managing Director of Verdant Minerals said: “We are delighted to welcome Jessa to the Ammaroo project. We look forward to incorporating JESA’s significant granulation expertise into this exciting value-added project that could play an important role in securing Australia and the region’s supply of phosphate-based, ammonium fertilizer, which is essential in the future.”

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About JESA

Founded in 2010, with over 1,787 employees, JESA is a world-class solutions provider. JESA is a joint venture of two global leaders, the OCP Group, the global leader in phosphates and its derivatives, and the Australian Worley Group, one of the world’s largest providers of technical, professional and construction services.

JESA Technologies, headquartered in Lakeland, Florida (USA), was founded in 2017 and is part of the JESA Group. JESA Technologies offers technical know-how in phosphate fertilizer technology covering laboratory and pilot plant testing as well as R&D and beneficiation of phosphate rock, phosphoric acid and granular fertilizers. JESA Technologies offers a full range of services, covering all phases of projects, from initial rock tests and feasibility studies to start-up and performance testing. JESA Technologies provides these services on a global scale with references from all continents of the world.