February 6, 2023

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Kanakis on Dimitris Okonomo: ‘You lose it with a crash and audacity’

“We laugh,” he said, “but he cries because a piece of journalism has broken in this country.” Anthony Kanakis Because of the dispute that arose between him and Demetrius Oikonomos.

It all started Following Dimitris Economou’s tweet a few days ago. Antonis Kanakis is back He commented on the fight the journalist had with Dimitris Tzanakopoulos On SKAI’s morning news programme.

“We have one fight and another massacre in the Greek TV news. Are you telling me that there are fights in the news? Where and where is this happening? What is this fight about? The best joke I heard on air was told in this fight. We told jokes, but this one They are all kittens in front of the joke you will hear” Antonis Kanakis said at the beginning and the video was shown immediately.

Watch the video of the journalist’s fight with Dimitris Tzanakopoulos:

“We’re laughing, but she’s crying because a piece of journalism has broken in this country. You lose both the craziness and the grit. It’s great… the independent channels.” Antonis Kanakis closed for the dispute in question.

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