February 27, 2024

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Lionel Messi: Paris Saint-Germain “disappeared” – in video – Newsbomb – News

Lionel Messi: Paris Saint-Germain “disappeared” – in video – Newsbomb – News

A report by a Spanish TV network claims that Paris Saint-Germain have disappeared Lionel Messi shirts and pictures from their store.

his decision Lionel Messi to leave it Barcelona for its opulence and wealth Paris o Jermaine Didn’t do him justice.

Considered by many to be the best soccer player on the planet. After winning the World Cup with Argentinahe could not lead the French team to the distinction he was looking for Champions league And now his departure is certain.

Last week, in fact, dozens of her fans Paris o Jermaine They gathered outside the club’s offices and launched an assault on everything. Management, players, coaches … but mainly against it Lionel messi, who insulted them vulgarly.

However, the French club is now trying … to finish off the Argentine star.

A Spanish television network visited her shop Paris Saint-Germain In Paris, according to the photos, you can see his photo in the video below Messi There is no place!

According to the report: nothing Nor his shirts For sale (regarding the destruction that was taking place and of which there is a relevant excerpt in the video), Nor any picture of him in the boutique.

The relationship between the two sides at the worst possible point and Lionel Messi He is now looking for the next stage of his career. Al-Hilal is “golden” for him by giving him more than a million euros a day, and everyone believes that he will continue his career in Saudi Arabia.

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However, as long as Barcelona is in the middle, no one can be sure. The only fact is that PSG and for money They won’t last together…

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