June 2, 2023

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Obradovic: “50-50 with Olympiacos we are better in individual talent but they play excellent basketball”

Sasha Obradovic spoke about Monaco’s qualification to the Final Four and semi-finals with Olympiacos, saying that the chances are sparse.

as it’s known Olympiacos will face Monaco in the first semi-final of the Final Four On the back of being in the final of the event after six years.

Speaking to Mozart Sport, the Monaco coach referred to the match that will decide the only ticket to the Grand Final on May 21 in Kaunas, saying: “Everything will be decided in one match. And as it happens in such cases, the chances are always 50-50. I dare say we can be better individually and always with respect to Sloka and the rest of the players. However, Olympiacos plays exceptionally well as a team and that is The reason it’s in the top four. They always play for each other.”

He continued: “We’ll see if our effort can be rewarded with a title. We have a lot of work ahead of us.” while he is also standing Mike James: “Great players make great coaches. I think I’ve said enough about this. Congratulations to the kids, they deserve more. I’m often asked to tag someone and comment, but I really don’t like it. Lloyd showed the court what kind of mentality he has. He wants to win And playing in pain because he didn’t train because of the injury. These things affect the team. I’m proud of him because of all the players.”

As for how his team qualified for The last four; He jokingly replied, “I don’t know how we did it, but I know we did.”

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