May 30, 2023

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Monaco bows before Olympiacos: Obradovic and James deify Thrilo and Sloka

The wonderful Euroleague qualifiers are over and now we know the 4 teams that will take part in the Final Four this year and win the prestigious trophy. Among them is Olympiacos, with the “red and white” ready for a big “battle” with Monaco in the first semi-final.

Monaco eliminated Maccabi Tel Aviv and secured a ticket to the Final Four for the first time in their history, as the semi-final match against the Berzuca team is expected to be very strong, as everyone remembers last year’s epic qualifying series, which found Piraeus victorious. .

Monaco coach Sasa Obradovic said in “Mozart Sport” about the success of his team, while he did not miss mentioning Friday’s semi-final match (05/19, 18:00) with Olympiacos:

“Everything will be decided in one match. And as it happens in such cases, the chances are always 50-50. I dare say we can be better individually and always with respect to Sloka and the rest of the players. However, Olympiacos plays exceptionally well as a team and that is The reason it’s in the top four. They always play for each other.”

The Monaco leader and star player in the fifth match with Maccabi (obliquely) referred to Olympiacos as he was quick to tweet about Kostas Slukas and his massive play against Fener that sealed Olympiacos’ qualification.

“It was a pleasure to see Kostas. Everything was calculated as if someone had shown him how to ‘read’ an opponent. Pure inspiration,” James wrote on his Twitter account.

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