October 4, 2023

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Podense: This is the cost and term of borrowing

Podense: This is the cost and term of borrowing


Daniel Pontense will arrive in our country at 6.30 on Tuesday morning to wear the red and white shirt again. Details of the deal between Olympiacos and Wolverhampton.

Daniel Pontense, who will wear red and white again after 3.5 years, has been an Olympiacos player with the Bulls since Monday night (04/09).

The Piraeus squad moved with lightning speed and completed the transfer process so that the player could also be announced in the Europa League roster.

In fact, at 6.30am on Tuesday morning, the 27-year-old Portuguese winger played (height 1.65 m) He will be in our country to participate in the training of the red and white team.

In order to complete the transfer, a lot had to be done in a short period of time. Olympiacos and Wolverhampton agreed to loan the player with an option to buy next summer.

The player’s contract with the English club was scheduled to expire in the summer of 2024. Thus, Pontense signed an extension to his current contract to allow the process to continue.

These are the terms of the agreement between Olympiacos and Wolverhampton

Let us now move on to the part of the agreement between Olympiacos and Wolverhampton so that the agreement between the two sides can be completed.

The English team will receive a respectable sum (about 15 million euros) to loan the player for a year. From now on, a clause is expected that will allow the Red and Whites to make Ponce City their permanent property.

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This amount has reportedly been determined approximately 5 million euros, and Olympiacos has the right to activate it until next summer.