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Lost Ark World Bosses Guide: locations, loot, and more

Lost Ark World Bosses Guide: locations, loot, and more

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For those who have been out in the world, you may have started to stumble upon Lost Ark World Bosses. This is optional, community-driven content that can be obtained by end players and gamers. Almost every region in the game has a global boss, who spawns in certain areas of the map. Here’s everything you need to know about missing coffin world leaders.

Missing Arcworld Boss Awards

MFW Frog Boss

The world bosses in Lost Ark are really worth it when you naturally reach this level range. When you press “N” on your keyboard, a menu will pop up, showing you the achievement guide for that area. In the end, in one of the regions within it all there is a global boss, which you can face off with other players to defeat the enemy. Each one has its own level range, which you can face as you level up in the game.

They are worth doing too. When you kill a world leader, they drop loot, which is good for your adventures. But the big fish in the fry is the first kill bonus. When you kill a boss for the first time, you are given a treasure map, three pieces of epic equipment, and a few other goodies. As you can imagine, this is an absolute bonus, giving you an impressive set of equipment and some much needed item level boosts. However, it’s not strictly necessary to complete it because the author has already outgrown Rudric and we were fine thanks to the multiple dungeons.

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Lost Ark world bosses from level 50 onwards tend to award level range bonuses, making them good sources of gear as your character reaches the end of the game’s progression. In addition, end-game world bosses drop gold, a currency that you can use to obtain items needed to progress. There are also loot auctions when you kill bosses that you can bid for gold to get items.

Lost Ark World Boss locations

Lost Ark World boss locations
RiP Sea Giant Bro.

Below are the Lost Ark World Boss locations. They are not specific locations, as some regions do not have a name. We have done our best to give you details of the wider area. Remember that it is not always guaranteed to appear in your channel, you can switch channels by checking the drop-down bar above the mini-map at the top right of the screen. Moreso, watch the chat in the area to see the affirmations of the head of the world. You know when you stumble upon it when the health bar pops up in the top middle of your screen.

  • 17th floor Rodrich site – Cemetery, Rethramis Border, Rethramis.
  • Level 19 Salt Giant Location – Regal Plains Salt, Saland Hill, Yodia.
  • Rufflin’s position is at level 25 – North of the Grayhammer Mine and to the right of the Triport Mine, Bilbrin Forest, west of Luterra.
  • Caspiel’s location on the 38th floor – Rocky Forest Hill, Skyrich Step, Tortowicki.
  • Level 39 Wili-Wili – Top of Sunbright Hill, east of Luterra.
  • Chu site on the 50th floor – Right of Cloud Valley, Twilight Mist, Anika.
  • Mans position at level 50 Level 50, South of the Forgotten Labyrinth, Ice Heights, Shusher.
  • Moake location on the 50th floor – Aira Pond, TikaTika Colony, on Punika Island – event leader.
  • Velkan is located on the 50th floor – Cropile Gulch, Totrich, Arthurtin.
  • Chaotic Chuo’s position at level 50 – Spring of Echoes, Melody Forest, Anikka – Prime spawn event. here is a file Chaos guide If you need to.
  • Level 50 Tarsila location – The Spider Queen’s Lair, Eternity Lake, Schushire.
  • Sol Grande website 50th floor – Eltissin Island – Boss spawn event.
  • Angeldus’s position is at level 50 – Red Moonshade, Red Moonshade, Feiton – Head of the event.
  • Level 50 Harvest Lord Incarnation – Orvis Island – Head of the event.
  • Orion’s location on the 50th floor – Wildwater Island – Boss spawn event.
  • Location at level 50 Brillius – Frostfire Island – event boss.
  • Kohinoor location on the 50th floor – Steep Lava Valley, Iron Hammer Mines, Yorn – Head of the event.
  • Proxima level 50 – Between Red Leaf Forest and Vernese Road, Vernese Forest, North Vern – Boss spawn event.
  • Magamadon site, 50th floor – Southwest Celestial Plaza, Ruins of Xenella, Rohendel – Head of the event.
  • Signatus level 50 – Southeast Soldier Ant Nest Triport in the Rectangular Shapes section of the map, Scraplands, Arthertine – event boss.
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Please note that there are many other bosses in the Lost Ark world, but they come to life during calendar events, which we have listed as lead. You can find it on the alerts events page that appears in the top left of the player screen. If you need extreme accuracy in these world bosses locations, we recommend checking out the Lost Ark map website, like Babonica, which contains most of the map areas translated into English. Follow the instructions above to get to the site of these world leaders.

Note that we are writing this guide as we discover some final Lost Ark world bosses. If you’re aware of an event that spawns boss worlds at the end of the game, let us know so we can add them to the list. We plan to write guides for each end-game event, containing loot schedules, and tactics. The other need to know. Feel free to bookmark this page and look at more in-depth end game articles as we get there.