June 26, 2024

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Machiavellian Turkish plan abroad: Aim to mobilize 7 million Turks – Newsbomb – News

Machiavellian Turkish plan abroad: Aim to mobilize 7 million Turks – Newsbomb – News

Turkey – Diaspora: The family of the head of a talented Turkish agency has roots in Greece

Turkey is expanding its involvement in the diaspora to advance political goals abroad and is trying in every way to reap the greatest benefits.

The Turkish government plans to increase financial and other means of support for diaspora groups abroad with the aim of building stronger trust in Turkey, addressing legal and administrative challenges in host countries, encouraging active political engagement, and building relationships with non-members. – Turkish religious communities.

Interestingly, it has its roots in Greece The head of the relevant Turkish agency has a family.

The goal is to mobilize 7 million Turks

In Its official statement “Strategic Plan for 2024-2028”He brought Nordicmonitor.gr comes to lightThe Turkish Government’s Diaspora Organization (Yurtdışı Türkler ve Akraba Topluluklar Başkanlığı, YTB), described its strategy To mobilize the approximately 7 million members of the diaspora community To promote the policies of the Turkish government.

The report thoroughly examined both threats and opportunities for the Turkish government’s goals Using Diaspora Groups to Contribute to Turkey’s Ambition A vision expressed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “Turkey’s century” is to become one of the world’s leading powers.

YTB ​​complained that administrative and legal challenges in countries where Turkish diaspora groups operate are preventing the company from achieving its strategic goals. To overcome these limitations, he recommended various policy measures to the Erdogan government. The YTB urged the government to use its diplomatic influence and public diplomacy tools to pressure foreign countries to lift these restrictions on Turkish diaspora groups.

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Muslim cooperation

The Cooperation with other Muslim religious groups abroad Another recommendation made by the YTB was to overcome restrictions on Turkish immigrants. In addition, the YTB called for and proposed more detailed analysis through field studies of data collection on diaspora groups Conducting workshops for training of selected persons.

These measures aim to strengthen the ability of Turkish diaspora groups to effectively promote the goals of the Turkish government.

The Erdogan government, in line with its broader labeling of all its critics and opponents, classifies groups critical of Turkish government policies as a threat, branding them terrorists.

What… is Erdogan’s government in danger?

YTB ​​said these opposition groups undermine the Turkish government’s public diplomacy efforts and sow division within the diaspora. They pose a political and security risk to groups aligned with the Erdogan government.

YTB ​​argued that international and national media coverage of diaspora groups was a threat to its goals, urging the Erdogan government to combat such coverage more effectively. He said that foreign countries have stepped up policies of assimilation to weaken diaspora groups’ ties with Turkey and have taken steps to disrupt the work of diaspora organizations. YTB ​​suggested that this is necessary A different response is to overcome these principles.

Recognizing that each country has unique characteristics, the YTB recommended country-specific programs and methods to address the needs of diaspora groups. He emphasized the need to develop specific communication strategies to benefit priority groups of immigrants.

The president’s family has roots in Greece

YTB ​​President Abdullah Eran, whose family has roots in the Turkish diaspora in Greece., in the preface of the report the Diaspora Institute formulated the plan with short-term, medium-term and long-term perspectives based on mission, goals and strategy. He further informed that this approach will considerably accelerate and strengthen the activities of the diaspora in the coming years.

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YTB ​​actively cooperates with other Turkish government agencies, esp Turkish Intelligence MIT (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı), and serves as a source of recruitment for intelligence services within diaspora communities abroad.

YTB’s mandate extends beyond and includes the Turkish diaspora Non-Turkic groups are referred to as “related communities”, These include global Islamist networks such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahrir networks.

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