June 26, 2024

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Woman murdered in Menidi: Tree, threats, torture – Abusive ex-husband made her life hell

Woman murdered in Menidi: Tree, threats, torture – Abusive ex-husband made her life hell

The 40-year-old from Menidi lived a life of violence and cruelty at the hands of her ex-husband, who brutally murdered her.

Her 50-year-old killer, who stabbed her to death early on Thursday morning on Menidi’s main road, cynically confessed to his crime, leaving a knife stuck in her lifeless body until police arrived at the scene. Without showing a trace of remorse.

In fact, before the homicide officers who examined him, the 50-year-old admitted that he had made up his mind to kill his wife, setting off a suicide bomber on her way to work.

“If it had gone to trial, if the case hadn’t been adjourned again, maybe there would have been a conviction.”

The 40-year-old was murdered by her ex-husband

“I can’t bear to see her boyfriend. He was driving my car. I was working and she was eating my money. Yesterday I decided to kill my wife. Do I have to work two jobs for him to eat for me? ” said the female murderer.

The prosecutor filed criminal charges against the accused for intentional homicide in a peaceful state of mind, illegal carrying of weapons and use of weapons.

Life is hell

According to relatives and friends of the victim, the 50-year-old repeatedly threatened to kill her and their two children.

The victim’s niece said, “When she was pregnant with her daughter, she put her head in a bucket of bleach.”

“There are three serious cases and about 40 complaints. We were with the police every week. They would catch him and release him,” said the 40-year-old brother-in-law.

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Evidence in ANT1 reveals that the perpetrator of the femicide systematically abused not only his wife but also their two children. Often densely, after complaints, the police arrived at the family’s doorstep, introduced themselves to the 50-year-old and left.

For almost 20 years, her life became a constant nightmare. The 50-year-old showed his wild nature from the beginning of their relationship and when he got drunk, he lost all control.

The 40-year-old brother said, He came with a knife in 2013, held him for a week and then released him.

Dozens of violent incidents

According to the testimonies of residents of the area where the couple lived, they heard dozens of incidents of violence from their home.

A neighbor of the victim said, “Could the police come here two or three times to separate them when they are fighting with each other, threatening the other’s life and they do nothing? Now we are here. Now what can we say? What should the police do?’

A 40-year-old friend said, “He was separated for a long time, and then she took him back home, and they lived together for a while. He usually had drinking problems, he drank a lot. They found each other for a while, and it was okay. Then he usually fussed, The woman decided to divorce him as he relapsed into alcoholism.

According to a close friend of the family, “She was a mother in pain who was crying out for help. She wanted a better day for her children, and that’s why she moved all the way.”

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Enkeleida first announced in April 2013 that he was 50 years old. The 40-year-old made the latest complaint on Easter Tuesday, with signs of a beating.

Last Saturday there was another horrific episode of domestic violence caught on security camera.

The accused broke beer bottles and tried to stab her with one of them. Her daughter called the police.

After the last complaint, a 40-year-old man was examined by a medical examiner, EL.AS. According to the police officers installed a panic button on her cell phone and advised her to take her children to a structure. She will not be in danger. However, according to EL.AS, she chose not to go.

“If he’s under investigation…”

The 50-year-old was remanded in custody, but the trial was adjourned for 10 days and he was released. He was due to appear in court on Friday, a day after the heinous crime.

“If the case is adjourned within 3 days and not 10 days, this person should be detained under the new law. His custody would not have been lifted and his case would have gone to trial. Had it not gone to trial and adjourned the case again, perhaps a conviction would have been obtained. He even had the option of a misdemeanor order to serve part of the sentence. Autoflowers flock to Avelpitan. I don’t know if there was time to find the complete file of the case file. As a result, we have this unpleasant development,” criminologist Yiannis Glykas pointed out.

How was he arrested?

After the murder, the killer admitted that he left the knife in the woman’s stomach and disappeared. He was found hours after the crime.

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First went to a hotel and stayed there for two hours. Later, after realizing the police were on his way, he left and was found drinking beer in a building in Cometero, where the police had been called to deal with a drunken incident and men from EL.AS. Even then they may not have understood that it was the culprit.

He often used to escape to this particular hotel and the staff noted that he had a drinking habit.

When he took him to the department and gave his details, police officers found that the 50-year-old had been involved in incidents of domestic violence and had previously killed a 40-year-old woman on Barnitos Street.

Today is the funeral

After the murder, the 50-year-old was brought before the prosecutor who prosecuted him for manslaughter, in a calm state of mind and armed with a firearm, and was given a Monday deadline to apologize.

Until then, his arrest will continue.

The body of the unfortunate woman was taken to Albania, and today, May 18, her funeral will take place.