December 9, 2022

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Macron and Le Pen Second Round – Juventud Rebelde

PARIS, April 11. French President Emmanuel Macron, who qualified for the second round with 27.85 percent of the vote (9,785,578), has called on the followers of La Repubblica n Marche to unite in calling him a top-notch politician. Against left and right-wing far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, he won 23.15 percent of the vote (8,136,369) for his National Committee.

The Interior Ministry released the final results of this first round of the presidential election on Monday, in which left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon was ousted despite receiving 21.95 percent of the vote (7,714,449). According to the French Inzumisa party, and Público, he has already asked his followers not to give any votes to Le Pen in the second round, as more than a quarter of the population in recent weeks have said they will vote for Mன்சlenchon. In the first round, they expected that if there was a fight in the second round between him and Macron they would pick Le Pen.

26.31 percent of registered voters did not turn out, the highest level since the 2002 first round of presidential elections after 28.4 percent. Marine Le Pen ranked first in 20,036 municipalities and Emmanuel Macron in 11,861 municipalities out of a total of 35,080 municipalities.

Young voters voted overwhelmingly for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round on Sunday, with retirees backing incumbent President Emmanuel Macron, with pollsters saying Marine Le Pen won in the 25-49 age group.

According to Telesur, the majority of defeated candidates in the first round asked their voters to support Macron’s continuation: Communist Party candidate Fabian Russell; Socialist, Anne Hidalgo; Yannick Jodot of the Green Party and Valerie Beckress, a Republican right-wing candidate.

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Eric Gemmour, who also portrayed himself as a candidate for the far-right administration, was the only one to speak publicly in favor of Le Pen after Macron pointed out that it was a “bad choice.”

As soon as the first round results of the presidential election were announced, Emmanuel Macron and his supporters ran in the second round against Marine Le Pen. A scene that promises to be as dangerous as it is uncertain. From his headquarters on election night, he urged his forces to “make no effort for the next fortnight.”

For his part, without deviating from his proximity or social issues, Marine Le Pen bet first on the votes of Jean-Luc Mலlenchon in the second round, before the votes of his far-right rival, Eric Zemorn: “I tell you, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, be very rebellious ( …) Do not go to save your head [de] Emmanuel Macron should not retire at the age of 65 or sign for public service or social damage, “said Le Pen spokesman Sebastien Chenu on Monday.

In two more weeks, on April 24, the final results of the French presidential election will be defined.

While Le Pen’s party is as committed to its anti-immigrant and nationalist views and policies as it was in 2017, the party leader campaigned on issues affecting French working-class families who have to pay a record price for fuel and reduce their participation. Local economies, according to a recent report by France24. Instead of raising Macron’s proposal to 65, Le Pen called for energy tax cuts, an increase in people’s pensions and maintaining the current retirement age at 62.

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