October 4, 2023

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Mazzara in Karaiskakis: Manchester City also won the Super Cup (5-4 penalties and 1-1 defense)

Mazzara in Karaiskakis: Manchester City also won the Super Cup (5-4 penalties and 1-1 defense)

Manchester City is the super European champion! And in a sensational match in Greece and Georgios Karaiskakis, the “compatriots” led the penalty shootout against Sevilla (a draw 1-1) and managed to beat the Andalusians 5-4, getting into the UEFA Super Cup.

An exciting meeting that witnessed many important stages, beautiful football, dynamic books and, of course, goals. Pep Guardiola’s team, who took all the penalties, saw Nemanja Judy miss the last stage and give them the title.

Fighting for the Speights in the 90th minute, Youssef Al-Nasiri who was hit several times while in a privileged position by Ederson.

Good start for City with Bono as the star

The match started with Sevilla pressing high and making it difficult for City. But from the 5th minute onwards, the “Citizens” took action on the field and in the 7th minute the first good moment came with Ike’s header hitting Bono, who responded correctly. Ten minutes later City threatened again with Grealish. The England winger moved well in from the left, getting a shot inside, but Bono saved it.

En Nesiri “froze” the English language

Over time the match was more balanced. Something that Sevilla has been able to capitalize on. And the Andalusian team was able to advance with a goal by Al-Nasiri with a header after Acuña’s cross, making the score 1-0 in the 25th minute. Five minutes later, Lamela advanced to the area, took the ball, but did not shoot as he would have liked.

From that moment on, Pep Guardiola’s team gained complete control over possession. However, he could not find a way to threaten the home of Sevilla, who defended properly. Thus, the first forty-five minutes ended with the light board showing 1-0 in favor of the Andalusian team.

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Seville stages and City goal

The second half started with a great chance for Sevilla. Ocampo stormed the counterattack, as he found Nesiri, who faced Anderson face to face, but the Brazilian blocked the Moroccan striker’s shot in the 49th minute. Three minutes later, the same partnership again, as he found the Argentine Nesiri, but found himself sideways in the area and his shot went wide. However, City found a way to equalize the match. In the 63rd minute, Rodri found himself on the left flank, filling in at the full-back, palmer’s hanging header and sent the ball into the net.

Sevilla, immediately after the goal, tried again to threaten Nusayri. The Moroccan found himself in front of Ederson, but the Brazilian told him again, “No.”

The city suffocated, but to no avail

City after… escaping to one goal took the lead again and is still pushing to find another. There were occasions when the ‘Citizens’ lobbed the ball, but also there were moments when it looked like a goal was coming. However, as much as needed, Bono was where he was, while Sevilla for their part again did not find many holes to be able to score this goal. Nothing changed in the 90th minute and so we went to penalties.

Godelli’s fate and City’s triumph

The first eight runs of the four players who tried their legs were flawless, and the goalkeepers were not so lucky. On the ninth penalty, City’s Kyle Walker sent the ball left as Bono shot to the right but was unable to stop him after finding the ball. On the tenth penalty kick, Nemanja Gudelli took the execution, but sent the ball hard onto the crossbar, thus the English emerged as winners.

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