December 3, 2023

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Mitsotakis – Avgenakis for Georgians: Arrogance is a worrisome condition

Mitsotakis – Avgenakis for Georgians: Arrogance is a worrisome condition

Adonis Georgiadis and Lefteris Avgenakis were immediately dismissed Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his interview with Ant1, after the second round of municipal and regional elections.

The Prime Minister of New Democracy and the President slapped the Ministers of Labor and Rural Development during a cabinet meeting in the morning for the statements they made between the first and second rounds. The statements it recalls are explained thus Applying pressure on voters Social Funding and Compensations for Flood Victims by Vehicle in Salandri and Thessaly.

“Let us first dip our tongues in our minds and then speak,” the Prime Minister had asked the Minister’s Office. And in his television interview he pointed out: “This is not the first time that I have tried to convey a message of modesty and moderation to all my associates.”

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Mr. Mitsotakis also emphasized: “When you come from two big electoral victories in national elections and there is a problem in the opposition, it is very easy to assume that everything is given, that everything is easy.”

Asked whether some ministers were offended, he pointed out that if this had happened, it was his job to issue appropriate warnings, both publicly and privately. “Because – as I’ve said many times – everyone’s assessment is a continuum, including myself,” he insisted.

“There were definitely some misreports”, Mr. Even Mitsotakis agreed. However, he clarified that this was not an announcement of restructuring.

“This series of transitions continues to be played again and again. Isn’t the next series of early elections?” He commented jokingly.

As for Threats faced by Georgiadis-Avgenakis Between the two rounds of Swarajya elections, Mr. Mitsotakis pointed out that this is why they are being reorganized, adding:

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“That’s why I said, arrogance is one thing A very worrying situation. Because citizens can forgive mistakes, but they won’t forgive you for bad behavior.

Acknowledging the wrong person’s choices

However, Mr. Mitsotakis defended his choice when he set a target of winning 13 regions and three large municipalities.

“I don’t believe in a little bit of effort, I don’t believe in hypocritical moderation. Imagine if I told you to win three of the 13 districts. When you go to war, you go to war to win. We are a party of power and we cannot do anything else Because we gave it a political color. “We enter every battle to win, not lose,” he opined.

He added: “No matter how one counts the votes, the new democracy is strengthened from the first ballot box.” He, however, admitted that things did not go so well for the ruling party in the second poll.

Asked whether the wrong people were chosen when blue anointings were given, especially for the support of Rhodes Gratsa in Ionia and Konstantinos Servas in Thessaloniki, Mr. Mitsotakis replied:

“If we knew then, what we know now, It is quite possible that we did not make these choices. Ultimately, however, citizens are sovereign. This election is over.

He further admitted: “As a result, we make a choice and that choice is not justified, there may be a basis for it.”

The Prime Minister, however, said he would support the incumbent candidates. “It is not easy to replace an incumbent regional governor. I did it in Attica, but it was not a simple matter. I believe I have been vindicated by the election of Hardalia, but replacing the current district governor is not an easy task. They have the right to ask for re-election, that is the rule. The same applies to our support for the three largest municipalities,” he noted.

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“Cameras will enter Athens, metro will be built in Exarchia”

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that Kostas Bagoyiannis is a good mayor of Athens. He wished Harris Dougas good success and said, “The door of my office will always be open to him, because we are talking about our capital, Athens, and there should be good cooperation, for which I wish and hope.”

However, he told the newly elected mayor of Athens:There are issues that touch central state power. Cameras will enter Athens and be built on the Metro Exarchia. These are central examinations and are not under the supervision of the new municipal authority.

“The question is, does anyone have an alternative proposal?”

Actually, Mr. Mitsotakis…commented strongly on the new SYRIZA leadership “from the left” and the official opposition’s displays of cooperation with PASOK.

“I have the feeling that some people don’t learn from their mistakes,” the Prime Minister commented, explaining: “What I mean by this is: for four years I have been hearing, ‘Let’s beat Mitsotakis, let Mitsotakis go. . .’ Who’s going to come in and do what? They have to answer this first: What is the alternative political proposition to what the NDP is advocating today? Then see if they can agree.”

Even the Prime Minister said:Good luck, I say. This will not be an easy task. Because right now we have a SYRIZA that is fighting not to evaporate and a PASOK that is doing everything it can to “Syrizize”. I don’t know if it will bring them closer in the end, but you know Sometimes egos and personalities play their part.”

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He called on the opposition not to put the cart before the horse: “It’s not a question of ‘Mitsotakis leaving’, it’s a question of who. If there is an alternative political proposal.”

The Prime Minister added: “National elections are still four years away.” So we have plenty of time to see what they can do.”

Mitsotakis for Kasselakis: “TikTok is good as long as you show content on TikTok”

However, the prime minister launched a personal attack against SYRIZA’s new president, Stefanos Kassalakis.

“Communication is secondary to content. And TikTok is good as long as you show content on TikTok,” said Mr. Mitsotakis pointed out. He further commented that “Kasselakis Mr He decided to go to America on personal work on the day of local elections.

The prime minister assessed with fair sarcasm that the leader of the official opposition “still has some time to adjust to the Greek reality”. However, I do not underestimate anyone and respect all my political opponents. He is the Leader of the Opposition, unfortunately he will not be in Parliament, so we cannot clash directly, which is a problem for parliamentary democracy, but it will be decided in practice.