June 16, 2024

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MondoBasket 2023, Serbia – Canada 95-86: In the final with a symposium performance and Bogdanovic’s shock

MondoBasket 2023, Serbia – Canada 95-86: In the final with a symposium performance and Bogdanovic’s shock

A great performance from Serbia, who swept Canada (95-86) and qualified for the 2023 World Cup Final. Bogdanovic and Milutinov shock, Fernandez’s team paid the price for his toughness and wear.

They “got” the medal and now the Serbs will have the opportunity to step on top of world basketball. Coach Svetislav Pesic’s side stole the spirit of Canada, defeating them 95-86 and advancing to the MundoBasket 2023 Final, where they will face either the USA or Germany, capping off a magical summer in dreamlike fashion.

With Bogdan Bogdanovic doing things and miracles in the first half, with no challenger for Nikola Milutinov (16 points, 6/6 2-pointers, 7/4 shots, 10 rebounds) and with many stars (Abramović, Godoric, Dobrich), Serbia played the perfect game. Against such tough opposition, she had endless energy on both sides of the field and went over the top, which some might not consider an overreach.

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On the other hand, Canada has had a major problem with attrition of its key players. Serbian defense trapped Cy Gilgeous-Alexander and closed out the first half with three fouls, Brooks and Olynyk scored four fouls early and late in the third straight quarter, and it was RJ Barrett who kept his team alive. Until Bogdanovic finally cleaned it up with a series of baskets midway through the fourth period. Ultimately, the dream of the finals against the United States faded, but Canada made important steps forward.


Serbia’s good start (8-1) was answered by a quick 0-8 Canadians lead, with Bogdanovic going over Brooks and Dobrich over Gilsius Alexander. The Serbians had a great picture throughout the first quarter (23-15), as the Canadians held off the offense (2/6 2-pointers, 2/6 3-pointers) and realized early on that they had to work extra hard to advance to the final.

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The picture of the match did not change in the second half, as the Serbs were ahead and had Oleynik not exhausted them, they would have been in a better position. Bogdanovic had no opposition, Abramović did a great job covering Godoric’s fatigue, Milutinov scored with straight shots 45-35 in the 18th minute and the 20-minute period was almost entirely for Pesic’s side who made a brilliant debut, so and tenaciously.

Brooks entered the third period with three consecutive hat-tricks, but in the 23rd minute he made his fourth foul and it was a huge blow to Canada as they tried to close the deficit. Olynyk also made the fourth foul, as a result of which Fernandez had a lot of maneuvering trouble. And when Godoric and Petrosev hit three pointers each, it was 75-62 at the end of the quarter that looked like a dream for the Serbs.

And when Bogdanovic scored five goals in a row 91-76 in the 36th minute, the scene finally became clear to the Serbs, who won the match and qualified on their way to the top of the world. They are not afraid of anyone, they are confident and they are a team. In all caps.

Rulers: Russo, Anaya, Mazzone

Contracts: 23-15, 52-39, 75-63, 95-86

Serbia (Besic): Abramovich 10 (3/4 2-pointers, 4/4 shots), Bogdanovic 23 (5/8 2-pointers, 3/4 three-pointers, 4/5 shots), Davidovac 4, Dobrić 16 (5) / 7 2-pointers, 2/4 3-pointers), Godoric 12 (3/5 three-pointers), Jović 8 (4/4 2-pointers), S. Jovic 2, Marinkovic 4, Milutinov 16 (6) / 6 shots, 4/7 shots, 10 rebounds, 2 assists), Petrosev

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Canada (Fernandez): Alexander, Alexander-Walker 10 (2/3 2 shots, 2/3 3 shots), Barrett 23 (5/6 2 shots, 3/8 3 shots, 4/6 shots), Bell-Haines, Brooks 16 (2 / 4 2 shots, 3/8 3 shots, 3/3 shots), Dort 3 (1), Eddy 5, Ejim, Gilgeous-Alexander 15 (4/6 2 shots, 0). 2/3-pointers, 9/7 shots, 9 assists, Oleynik 9 (1/6 shot), Powell 5, Scroop

Serbia national team statistics: 27/38 2-pointers, 9/20 3-pointers, 14/20 shooting, 33 rebounds (23 defensive – 10 offensive), 18 assists, 8 steals, 2 blocks, 17 turnovers, 22 fouls

Canadian national team statistics: 17/29 2-pointers, 10/27 3-pointers, 22/27 shots, 22 rebounds (15 defensive – 7 offensive), 18 assists, 9 steals, 2 blocks, 13 turnovers, 25 fouls

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