June 25, 2024

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Partzokas: “We’re going to get a player, we’ve targeted 3-4 cases”

Partzokas: “We’re going to get a player, we’ve targeted 3-4 cases”

Giorgos Partzokas announced that he had signed another player to strengthen the ranks of Olympiacos before the new season.

Due to his participation olympico In the Neophytos Chandriotis tournament on 22-23/9, the Olympiacos coach spoke to SPOR FM 95.0 of Cyprus and revealed, among other things, that he has not yet closed the “Red and White” roster before the final. New competitive season.

“We will get another player” He said at first George Bartzukas He continued: “We are a team that finished first and second in the Europa League last year and the year before that. Our level is very high. We cannot get a player like this just to get him and say we have got a player. We need to get the player who will make us better. And these players are not Many in European basketball. In America the situation is strange. With the situation of the NBA, the money there and some new laws regarding bilateral contracts, it is not easy to convince a player to come to Europe. The NBA is very attractive. If someone plays well, the money There are many and it is not easy for us to find a player of our level.”

While he claimed his team had already focused on some players’ cases: “We have targeted 3-4 cases and I believe one of them will be completed so we can be better.”

Regarding international players, he said: “We have six international players. We are the team with the most international players in the entire Europa League. It used to be five, four, three, two. Some and no one like Maccabi for example. Milutinov continues to play, while Vale came today “The first day is here. While the Greek international players have a day off until Sunday because they have played 10 matches in that period, as a result we are completely unprepared at this stage.”

As for the “Neophytus Handriotis” championship, in which he will participate olympic; “It is an honor for us to come to Cyprus every year. We feel very good about the hospitality. For me, it is especially touching that we are playing for the memory of Neophytos. I know the story very well, I have met his family. I am really happy that we help a little to remember him every year “In general, the atmosphere at the matches is very good. The level of competition is very good. We got the opportunity to test the level we reached before the Euroleague. I think this tournament will give a good picture of where we can go this year.”