May 18, 2024

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Moroccan students use the humanitarian corridor to escape from Sumy

Ukraine: Des étudiants marocains utilisent le couloir humanitaire pour fuir la ville de Soumy

Nearly two weeks after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, 21 Moroccan students are still waiting for a chance to leave Sumy, one of the black spots besieged by bombing. The humanitarian corridors were set up after 15 Moroccans managed to leave the city.

Fatna, the mother of two Moroccan youths in the same town, is wondering about her sons leaving, especially after the start of evacuating civilians this morning, according to sources. Hespress This was confirmed by the entry of dozens of buses designated for civilians into the city, at the hands of volunteers.

In this sense, Fatna called for the speedy evacuation of all stranded people in the coming hours. For its part, GN confirmed, in contact with Hespress, that it was able to leave Sumi in a car accompanied by 4 Moroccan students.

“We can’t wait for directions from the authorities as we witness the bombing of civilians,” he said. Explains the source contacted by Hespress.

The five students took roads adjacent to rural areas to avoid dangers surrounding main roads and security barriers, separating them from the border area, where they will be received by consular services in about ten hours.

The same interlocutor was unable to determine his exact location when calling hespress, As road signs no longer contain any information on directions and city names, they have been wiped out by the war.

According to what informed sources confirmed to Hespress, the seriousness of the situation in the mentioned city makes it difficult for consular departments to enter or send buses to Moroccans, while many of them depend on their own means, or take advantage of that. Some volunteer services to reach the border.

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According to the same sources, the spread of separatist “militias” in some Ukrainian regions is disrupting the decision to establish humanitarian corridors, a situation that could pose a threat to the security and safety of civilians who will cross them.

Agence France-Presse confirmed that there is a new attempt to establish humanitarian corridors to evacuate the besieged residents following the Russian bombing that targeted several cities in Ukraine.

In this context, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Verychuk said: And the Russian side plans to disrupt this corridor.” So, civilians could be forced to “take another uncoordinated and dangerous route with the Ukrainians,” adding: “Let’s quietly evacuate the population. The whole world is watching! »Calling the Russian forces to ‘stopping their advance’ during the humanitarian process.

For its part, Russia pledged, on Tuesday morning, to open humanitarian corridors to allow thousands of civilians to flee from major Ukrainian cities, which have been under Russian artillery fire for two weeks, after numerous attempts that failed.