December 4, 2023

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MrBeast is dead, wrote Press, which went viral and was answered by the YouTuber himself

MrBeast is dead, wrote Press, which went viral and was answered by the YouTuber himself

the Mr. Best He never leaves the news and is constantly occupying social media because his every video becomes an opportunity for comments, various reactions and of course, it goes viral. Now, a very strange incident has occurred on Twitter starring the world’s most subscribed YouTuber and… his death.

A Twitter user named @ExtremeBlitz__ tweeted that Jimmy Donaldson (his real name) had passed away. And he distinctively wrote in his tweet, which he attached a black and white photo: “I can’t believe that Mr. Beast is dead… He passed away so soon… We will never forget you, a legend.”

And the funeral of the “King of YouTube” took place a few hours later highly viral with above From 9 million views to tweet and More than 111,000 likes. Many were quick to comment negatively on the truth of this tasteless prank and of course the fake news that spread. Some other Twitter users were already upset as they wrote to him below.

It took on such proportions that he saw it himself Mr. Best And he wanted to respond to his death denial in the most “MrBeast” way. “Why did this post get 100,000 likes? I am cryingThe popular YouTuber, who is particularly known for his philanthropic work, wrote a few hours ago.

In his recent charity work, MrBeast has decided to donate to 20,000 children in South Africa get their first shoes. After a few days he gave his answer to all that was said.

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