March 4, 2024

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NASA: Fantastic images of a black hole “devouring” a star in space and destroying it

The cool pictures are brought from space NASA This time, moment by moment, someone’s movements are recorded Black hole which “devours” and destroys a stray star.

Several NASA telescopes recently spotted a supermassive black hole tearing apart a nearby star It is 250 million light years away from Earth.

Tidal disturbance event in a black hole (animated)

These are recent observations that can provide details of the complex and – for now – inexplicable – way in which they behave, while it is observed that this is One of the total five star extinctions of black holes recorded by astronomers. As evidenced by the shocking video, astronomers suddenly noticed an uncontrolled growth High energy X-rays That was released from the black hole and began to “encircle” the star when it became under the control of gravity. This process is called “crown”.

the Neustar satellite NASA’s (Nuclear Telescopic Spectroscopic Array) is the most “sensitive” space telescope able to detect such wavelengths of light, and a detailed approach to this particular event provided fascinating insights into how the corona forms and behaves, According to a new study published in the Astrophysical Journal.

The animation shows how a black hole destroys a star – a process formally known as Tidal disturbance It can last from a few weeks to months – it can be used in making Understand exactly what is happening With the materials they seized before they led to annihilation.

Most black holes that scientists can study are surrounded by hot gas that has accumulated over many years – sometimes thousands of years – and formed disks billions of miles wide. in some cases, These disks are much brighter and brighter than entire galaxies.

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