March 4, 2024

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Natalia Germano and Adonis Georgiadis Opened a ‘Dialogue’ on Twitter About Tempe, Kanaki and Portosalti

Natalia Germano and Adonis Georgiadis Opened a ‘Dialogue’ on Twitter About Tempe, Kanaki and Portosalti

You don’t call it a fight that Natalia Germanou and Adonis Georgiadis started on Twitter, after the comment of the Minister of Development against Antonis Kanakis who asked yesterday evening (03.06.2023) that he and Aris Portousalt not speak.

Adonis Georgiadis, post Sharp post on Facebook Against Antonis Kanakis, he took over … Twitter and there Natalia Germano replied to him and their dialogue began.

“We live in a country, quite simply, where it is very plausible for a left TL (timeline) that Kanakis does not know that his best friend and day-to-day partner has sexually harassed and degraded women, but it is unacceptable for a minister to do that because I don’t know what he is doing.” Station Commander in Larissa” was Adonis Georgadis’ first tweet.

To this, Natalia Germano replied: “Mr. Minister – with all due respect, if the lives of citizens depended on the homosexuality of Arvilas’ partner, we would have discussed it. But the Minister of Transport must know everything. He is responsible for our safety, not our entertainment.

And now Adonis Georgadis responded to her with a series of tweets …

Dear Mrs. Germano, a) that someone’s sexual deformities are his or her own problem, but humiliating a woman is a criminal and serious offense. When your partner has been doing it for years and your excuse is “I didn’t understand” at least you have the nerve not to point fingers at others. Elementary. b) I don’t know if you think a minister is something like a God who knows everything but if you do you are wrong.

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We are human like everyone else. The duty of the minister is to have machines working, here everything is working and internal control procedures that were in place here but have been violated. The accident happened because the inexperienced stationmaster made 3 mistakes in a row and was wrongly selected by his supervisor with very little night work experience.

Both of them are already controlled by justice. Regarding the grief and pain we all feel, let us not cancel our reasoning. But may I ask you: Do you agree with Kanaki’s invitation to silence Ares Portosalt or anyone who has an opinion different from yours? “

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Natalia Germano replied: “My formulation is very correct and wrong, ‘sexual disorder’ is a criminal offense. I do not agree with the comparison. Since I think you know everything about your subject, I received the same request from the resigning minister (…) Nobody, should not Silencing anyone. Everyone is talking. You and us are all. Dialogue, counter-dialogue.”

Somewhere in there, the dialogue ended…