April 1, 2023

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Survivor All Star: Panagiotis “ruled” on Twitter over his feud with Gotsis


Twitter “tried” Panagiotis over his feud with Goutsis.

Survivor All Stars: It seems that the racing game no longer has a leading role in it survivorWhere reality and disagreements prevail.

We had one like that in their group blue After losing their third immunity match.

Specifically, mr Elias Gotsis He stopped, and his team complained about a wrong goal, however, Panagiotis messed with him, accusing him of wanting to “fix” the match.

Tension on a beach blue It was also big Twitter Never miss an opportunity with users reporting back.

However, it was clear that the world was in favor of the former winner of his reality show to survive skywhere most of them “criticized” Panagiotis for his behavior and the way he treats others.

We’ve already provided the ultimate spoiler for that Who will be the fourth candidate?but also Who is preferred to leave.

Get a little taste of what’s happening on Twitter:

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