December 4, 2022

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Thanasis Efthymiadis – Update: This is when his show will premiere on Mega – What time will ‘Roots’ air?

Thanasis Efthymiadis returns to television in a show that has been literally cut and sewn to the new lifestyle he’s been following in recent years.

The latest development is the announcement of the premiere of his documentary series, “The Roots”, which will premiere on Saturday, October 8 at 13:40 on Mega.

And according to the channel’s announcement, he invites us to follow him on a journey with people like him who chose to live differently. The documentary series Roots takes us to locations where the rare beauty of Greek nature stands out. It introduces us to wellness practices and spiritual paths that change the way we perceive ourselves and our environment. It gives us a way out of the stereotyped rules and stressful rhythms of life, which we need so much.

Organic growers, artists, chefs, alternative healing trainers and people who have decided to live in the countryside talk to Thanassis Efthymiadis about their experiences.โ€

So Mega enters the mid-day competition battle this weekend with an all-important replacement proposal that he’s eagerly awaiting.

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