July 14, 2024

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New life for Windows 10 – a big addition announced

New life for Windows 10 – a big addition announced

Only in April Microsoft An end has been announced Windows 10 looming, as it then aims to stop preparing and releasing updates that would add new functions and features to the operating system. Finally, the American giant changed its mind and will exceptionwhich brings the Windows 11 feature to the previous version as well.

Going into details, Windows Copilot will move from Windows 11 to Windows 10. Initially, Microsoft will test the integration through its preview program, noting that the functionality will first come to the Americas and Asia, then other countries will take their turn. In the related announcement on its blog, the company says:

We’ve heard great feedback about Copilot on Windows and want to bring this valuable technology to more people. That’s why we’re rethinking our approach to Windows 10 and will make additional investments to ensure everyone gets the most value from Windows PCs, including Copilot for Windows.

If you want a quick update, Windows Copilot is an AI assistant that works like Bing Chat, but built right into your desktop. In particular, Copilot will appear as a sidebar on the right side of the screen, giving users the ability to change their computer settings, launch applications, or even ask other general questions with a description.

Copilot can do everything ChatGPT can do, like write text, emails, and summaries, and it can even handle your timelines. If you ask it to play music to help you focus, it will open Spotify and put in the corresponding playlist. Meanwhile, it can also help you with content creation, as AI can upscale your photos, erase their background, resize them, change their brightness, and even create videos for you using Adobe software.

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A new Windows Key + C shortcut has been added specifically for Copilot.

This is the biggest update Microsoft has released for Windows 10 since Windows 11 replaced it in late 2021. However, this exception doesn’t change anything regarding the broader support schedule for the operating system. Version 22H2 will remain the last major update, while security updates are scheduled to stop permanently on October 14, 2025, less than two years from now.

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