December 6, 2023

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Free on Steam, one of the best games ever!

Free on Steam, one of the best games ever!

One of the best games ever that made history in the FPS field The fourth highest overall score ever on PCwith a score of 96 on Metacritic, is available free for a limited time.

Celebrates with an incredible show valve Ha Twenty-fifth anniversary to First half lifeWhich will also be held next Sunday It is given to every Steam user. This offer coincides with The big update for Half-Life’s 25th anniversarywhich adds a bunch of new content, several quality improvements and graphics updates, as well as Steam Deck support.

As announced in Official blog Of the game, Valve considers this Anniversary Edition to be the best in the game. Added to this Transmission half life A small campaign was then distributed only through gaming and technology magazines as well as hardware manufacturers. Also includes Four new multiplayer maps which says valveThey reach the limits of the Half-Life Engine’s capabilities“, while multiplayer maps and character models were added from “Half-life: additional data”.

You’ll also be able to adjust the field of view on widescreen displays, and regular gamepad support is available. The game’s menu appears at a correct scale and is better on larger screens, while it also appeared “Steam surface verified” Type “to turn on the water” on her handheld console.

There’s no better opportunity to play one of the most memorable video games of all time, and time is running out. Download it for free on your Steam account as The offer ends on Monday 20 November at 18:00 PM Greek time.

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Download Half Life for free by clicking here

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