June 23, 2024

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News of burning the special constable arrested in kidnapping

News of burning the special constable arrested in kidnapping

Emails he exchanged with his “drug partners”. telegram Special constable arrested “immortal” Introduction and Drug trafficking Materials protected and provided by protothema.gr.

A police officer is also said to be one Leading members her system According to EL.AS, he took care of delivery and receipt as he coordinated the “business”. Medicines And payments accepted only in cryptocurrencies.

Regarding his orders for supply of processed jute “Chocolate” shape, Investigations revealed that these were made by suppliers in Spain and the Netherlands, which he codenamed “ISP” and “VETERAN”. His police officers through telegraphic messages Internal affairs They managed to decode him Mode of operation of the system Finally it must be destroyed by handcuffing five people.


“They have two parties tomorrow and I don’t have drugs.”

One of the most characteristic conversations captured by EL.AS researchers. He’s caught between a cop and a drug dealer because of two upcoming parties.

Police Officer: They have two parties here tomorrow. But I don’t know where I am, I don’t write, I don’t have drugs. Shit, if I had, I’d have pissed off the older one (the drug dealer from Holland). look at me…

Partner: Bro, Saturday is the party, not Monday as I said. Has he not sent you yet?

police officer: They say tomorrow but they will start early

Partner: I think it’s noon

police officer: Friend sent nothing, the track he sent is not moving. Drink me… with the other dude.


“Will you find me a secret?”

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