June 19, 2024

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Because things will get worse

Because things will get worse

By Kostas Stupas

1) Because things will get worse

The results of the European elections have already produced political developments in France and Belgium, where Macron called parliamentary elections and the prime minister resigned.

Germany’s ruling coalition of Social Democrats, Liberals, and Greens has been overwhelmed. The three parties together have about 30%.

In Greece, the political scene is generally not accepted after New Democracy and Syriza suffered losses that PASOK could not benefit from. The Hellenic solution and the doubling of the power of the KK is fictitious and mainly due to deviation.

CC e.g. In yesterday’s European elections it got 9.25% with 367 thousand votes. In the June 2023 election, he got 7.69% with 401 thousand votes.

In Europe, parties can sometimes be defined as far-right, but most of them define themselves as conservative or center-right, accusing the European People’s Party of drifting to the center-left.

The European People’s Party increased its strength, while the losses of the Social Democrats were not insurmountable.

However, there are some fundamental reasons for strengthening the anti-establishment forces which, if not addressed, will lead to overthrow at some point.

These reasons are generally threefold:

a) Accuracy: In this column, we have been writing about periods of high inflation for years. The return to inflation is not temporary and will be with us for years because of: globalization, population aging, labor shortages and energy transition.

Also, the rapid growth of developing economies such as China improves the standard of living of their people and increases the demand and hence the price of raw materials.

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Accuracy is not something that can be handled easily and quickly. Unless governments create new debt at a rate greater than inflation, the upside of high inflation will erode high private and public debt. The downside of inflation is that it erodes wages and pensions, and therefore purchasing power and living standards. It creates disaffected people who develop anti-systemic behaviors.

2) Vogue Agenda: Same-sex marriage in Greece is only the tip of the iceberg. The Eurovision contest was won by someone who identifies as “the” rather than “the” or “the”, indicating a growing culture of celibacy among wider social minorities.

The introduction of an unrestricted right into the central political scene provokes sexual proselytism and reactions by large sections of society. Some take this to their political advantage and promote an agenda of accepting authoritarian regimes like Russia and China.

Also, questioning biological sex, with or without surgery and hormonal interventions, creates identity and psychological confusion. A large section of society sees these developments as encouraging institutional institutions and creating anti-establishment political advantages.

3) Immigration: Immigration is emerging as a “war of civilizations” issue for Europe and America. Uncontrolled immigration and excessive subsidies from European welfare states create suffocating conditions.

The unrestricted entry into Europe, especially of Muslims, combined with the refusal to integrate into European societies and the creation of closed local communities creates the conditions for a cultural civil war.

However, Europe and Western societies need immigrants due to aging populations. But they must find them from cultures and societies whose values ​​are compatible with European culture. Few will remember the beginning of Ursula van der Leyen’s mandate to institutionalize the Commissioner’s portfolio for the support of the European way of life. Reactions from the Left led to the gradual abolition of this portfolio. This is what we pay now.

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Europe needs to stop brushing up on the problem and put the brakes on uncontrolled immigration by quickly and wholesale deporting those who don’t want to live on its territory because they don’t conform to its values ​​and laws.

In Greek territory e.g. The law must be strictly and fairly applied to all, and the protectionist social groups that systematically violate it must be eliminated. Lawmakers across Europe must pass laws with tougher penalties to punish those who commit crimes.

There is no easy solution to any of the three main reasons above. As long as they are, however, they will continue to support anti-establishment forces, reinforcing the “coming chaos” scenario, as I analyzed in my book of the same name.

So things can only get worse.

2) Brief Comment on Elections

Good evening Kostas,

“The Rise of the Far Right”

The percentage of Velopoulos, Afroditis, etc. will increase as long as they continue to label ordinary citizens/ordinary people who are outraged by the tempi, accuracy, vogue agenda and are worried about the Islamization of Europe by the far right.

They are more likely to come together and form a “patriotic” official opposition with 20% than to reunite the centre-left in a “progressive wing”.

So 1 piece of advice to the NT section is to cut the far right’s candy and address the issues of citizens left to its right.

As no one left, there was nowhere to go.

good afternoon.


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