June 23, 2024

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No more games when the platform is closed

No more games when the platform is closed

SYRIZA is on the counter-offensive after the government impeached Stefanos Kassalakis. “The claims that the platform of the parties for the initial report is open are misleading”, among others, Koumoundourou points out.

“There is no game with SYRIZA and its leader, Mr. Mitsotakis,” the main opposition party declared in a statement on the matter. By Stefanos Kassalakis Where Are You From?note: “Kassalakis is the only political leader to make public his financial situation for St. 2023”.

“The platform of political parties for the initial report is open, so the president of SYRIZA can file it,” claims spread by media close to New Democracy and Mr. Mitsotakis are false.

How could the leader of SYRIZA have taken over the leadership of the party by September and submitted a report? The same people who smuggle the above would have said that St. Kassalakis «Covers three months“, but also”She has kept Tyler under wraps since they got married in October».

ND government has closed the platform for 2023. And, at the same time, he is asking the president of SYRIZA to submit half of the old data. “What is Kasselakis hiding?” Kind of lies..

SYRIZA and its leader ND and Mr. They will not be misled by Mitsotakis’ nasty tricks. The only answer is: to provide all data for the entire year 2023. And if ND doesn’t like Excel and wants official documents, we challenge the PM to open the electronic platform tomorrow morning. Then, both the Prime Minister and the Official Leader of the Opposition – all through 2023 – will have to submit their credentials.

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SYRIZA and its leader Mr. No games with Mitsotakis.

Holy. Kassalakis is the only political leader to make public his financial situation for 2023. When the Prime Minister of the country stays in 2021. And the comparison with Prime Minister’s relationship is now known to all the citizens of the country. On the one hand, a businessman who made millions for his investors in America after sweat and risk. On the other hand, with the salary of a politician and MP who has a hereditary bench in Parliament, Purchased 39 propertiesNot including Voltaire’s house.

Because Voltero’s house is neglected. Paradise Papers’ off-shore company is missing.

However, mainly, AWe know what the last two years of the Prime Minister were like“, concludes Koumundourou’s announcement.