June 19, 2024

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Why ‘TikTok Lawyer’ Is Moral – His Videos

His decision caused a sensation Salkita Bar Association Call the Disciplinary Council for clarifications Lawyer By Maria Carly, Who TikTok He uploads videos stating his legal point of view.

Specifically, on January 26, 2024, at an extraordinary meeting held by the Board of Directors. Chalkitas decided to bring the matter to the notice of the Disciplinary Council for investigation.

Why is the Bar Association accusing?

According to the decision, Maria Carly released some videos filmed in the board of directors’ lawyers’ room. , inside Salkita’s court of first instance, on her personal public account on TikTok.

Through these videos, Ms. Carlisle pointed out Provided free of charge Legal advice to the general public with simultaneous display and advertisement in violation of its rules Code and Ethics of Advocates.

Video: TikTok/mairakarli

What does she answer?

For his part, in a note of written explanations the young lawyer mentions, among others, that DNot offering any free advice or advertising his office, but commenting on current affairs.

“My postings appear under the pseudonym “Myra” while I do not have my law firm information on my personal TikTok page, claiming to offer free legal advice and violating the written rules on self-promotion. The content of the videos I post is purely informational and journalistic, and current. With commentary on the issues, namely: “Commentary on yesterday’s episode “The Land of the Olive…”, “True Greek series about 2 handwritten testaments” Constantino and Eleni”, “The case of Draper Ricta”, “In cooperation with Kopsiali and the Greek police Arrest of pedophiles”, “The case of the murder of the well-known businessman Christos Gialias”, “The case of the old Christians” , “Commentary on the verse of the actor Panos Vlachos “By Georgiadis and Protosalt” and many more”.

Video: TikTok/mairakarli

He also points out that none of the roughly 50 videos he’s posted since November 2023. Does not provide free legal advice.

I repeat that in any of my videos posted on “Tik-Talk” I do not give free legal advice, in some of them (among others, I express my personal opinion on current affairs. ) This is done on my part, simply quoting, commenting on the content of legal provisions. A popular series at the same time, there are no actual cases with reference guidance In my part, about carrying out specific procedural steps, and, in any case, I mention “what can be done”, which does not refer to the lawyer-client relationship, since the lawyer, in an existing client relationship (lawyer-client) ), it is “what to do in a hypothetical case It does not speak hypothetically about “can”, rather, it takes specific practical actions based on the facts of each case.

On the other hand, since November 2023, I have appeared in cases Provision and payment of relevant feesthis too ProvesThat I do not provide any legal advice for free. In fact, to my follower’s question, “How can he contact me?”, I myself answered, “If he meets the conditions, he has the opportunity to request and receive legal aid when I am not registered.” on legal aid lists to prove that I had and did not intend to self-promote to attract clients through the specific videos I post”.