July 14, 2024

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North Korea sent another 300 garbage balloons to Seoul

North Korea sent another 300 garbage balloons to Seoul

North Korea sent a new batch of 300 balloons filled with garbage on Monday night (06/24/2024) to its southern border, specifically to Yonge Province and Seoul in South Korea, according to a statement issued by the military in Seoul.

The garbage bags that North Korea sent to the South were tied with balloons and basically had… “waste paper”The South Korean army said, explaining that there is no threat to the safety of citizens.

“The South Korean military intends to act immediately Psychological” The General Staff said in its statement.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yul also condemned the new balloon mission, describing it as a “despicable and senseless provocation” in a speech he delivered to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War.

As reported an agreement For North Korea and from RussiaHe described the decision, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Pyongyang last week, as a “flagrant violation of UN Security Council resolutions.”

“Our armed forces will be on full alert to ensure that North Korea does not dare to provoke South Korea under any circumstances, and will respond overwhelmingly and decisively to any provocation from the North,” Yoon added.

Pyongyang has sent a total of more than 1000 balloons Which transports garbage to areas of South Korea Revenge On balloon missions that carry Promotional material By South Korean activists, Yoon reported.

In turn, Seoul suspended the military agreement between the two countries, which was aimed at reducing tensions, and used loudspeakers along the border to broadcast. Promotional material.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister and the North’s main government spokesman, Kim Yo Jong, warned South Korea earlier this month that if leaflets and loudspeaker broadcasts continued to be dropped, Seoul would “undoubtedly see a new counterattack from the North.” . Korea”.