December 7, 2022

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November 07 2022 – AA: Briefly, from … Comment

The game is forged, Papakonstantinou sings, while paraphrasing a well-known proverb: I hope the houses are all right, everyone …

The joke (we don’t forget it): Everything will become more expensive and only stocks will fall!!! Hey, where did we find all those stars?

  • Admi – Heihai – Forless: If the market continues on its positive trajectory, at some point their stocks will see joy as well. Here Clover waits for 10 years to see the joy of heroism. After all, everything says in life …

PPC: The wallets have been ruined this year, and fortunately for those who stayed away from the eightfold price increase. Others were eaten by greed… Meanwhile, he’s been playing for months in the €5,000 to €6.500 range and dealers with the right timing are earning good pocket money.

EXALCO: The most fake brand … BIOCARPET, as 97% of its sales are covered by the respective subsidiary 100%. And of course all profits, EBITDA, etc. come from Exalco. Along with an m/m of thirty, forty, sixty, and seventy cents, with the ever-present problem being the marketability of very small stock.

  • But that could easily change, if the major shareholders of that group showed little interest. And something seems to be changing in her behavior, while they are not issuing papers as they did before. Great interest here, because there are developments.

Cordillo: As much as I want a title cheaper than his, I can’t find one in the category of less than 15 million euros. And how do you find one when it trades at a distance of 130% of its value VOOK(?)!! See this too

  • 6 months return -11.88%
  • Yield of 1/1 + 6.20%
  • 52 weeks return -3.31%
  • The maximum price is 52 weeks. 0.696 euro
  • The minimum price is 52 weeks. 0,408 euro
  • Equity: €24.4 million (first-half financial statements 2022)
  • Book value: 1.1500 EUR
  • On board: 0.4970 €
  • P/BV 0,43
  • P/E.It was completed 2,49
  • EV/EBITDA* 4,06 (based on 12 months)
  • net borrowingEBITDA* 2,67 (based on 12 months)
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Free cash flow: 4.3 million euros (!!) in the fiscal year for the first half of 2022, from 375,761 euros in the corresponding period of 2021.

  • Dealing: The tragic tale of the stock market. Its hallmark is reliability and respect for small shareholders.

TITC: Book value… 18.2000 euros, on the board… 11.0800 euros and… brains on bars!

  • Let’s not forget: The market likes to punish in its own way, the hasty, the hasty, the greedy …

Waiting for the third quarter amounts

View – Dashboard -As Red wrote many times-Things have changed guys, the world has woken up and most people no longer chew the hay they fed. Just avoid entrances and exits, keep believing in the right quality choices and don’t forget that you will be rewarded.

  • Forget about getting rich easily, while gambling (on stocks that have some future development to offer, or promise) is allowed in a small percentage of your portfolio in order to… raise the case. After all, without it, the market is food without salt.

shares We don’t chase them at +30%, +40% and +50%, because at some point they will correct them. When they are unclaimed or undervalued, this is the best time to invest. However, at AA, we had the following contradiction for many years…buying high and selling low…

Note – repeat

earning request For all listed companies:

  • Can you take a portion of the sales? Take it outside.
  • Lower profits or even better losses you can show? Show them.
  • Can you show an increase in borrowing? her feet.
  • And in general, can you do anything to make the company appear to be going from bad to worse? Do it.
  • Only under these circumstances can you expect to be rewarded for your efforts.
  • Don’t make a joke showing positive to excellent results.
  • You will have the luck of KARELIA, ElvalHalcor, PPA, PLATH, ELINOIL, ELASTON, REVOIL, GEVKA, Motodynamics, Kordellos and many others who have dared to make an excellent picture. Let them be careful. This is Elanda, it’s no joke…
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He asks them to cry

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