April 18, 2024

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NYC Covit offers antiviral drugs free of charge for home delivery

Mayor Eric Adams said Sunday that New York City will provide free one-day home delivery of Covit-19 antiviral drugs – while avoiding the question of when the Big Apple can be recalled. Various vax commands.

According to Adams, oral antiviral pills “have been shown to be effective in outpatients, especially those at risk or seriously ill.

“We’re going to do it with the word Magic New York. We’re going to do it ‘for free,'” Adams told the Giveaway program during a Govt conference at Jacoby Hospital in The Bronx.

“We want to make sure no one with COVID has to go all over town, especially those with immune compromises or our seniors,” the mayor said. “We want to bring it to you, and we want you to take advantage of this. It’s a great deal and a great project that we have put together.

The Big Apple offers monoclonal antibody injections, “Patients with 10 days or less may have mild to moderate symptoms but are at higher risk for serious illness,” City Hall said in a statement.

Mayor Eric Adams announced that NYC Covit-19 antivirals will be provided free of charge for one-day home delivery.
GNMiller / NYPost

Hizzoner – asked at what point he could consider withdrawing the city’s various vaccine requirements – said he would like to defer to local health officials and that any changes would “balance” with Apple’s economic needs.

“I’m been saying this from the beginning: I’m going to go based on the advice of my medical experts,” he said, adding that the city’s economy would be a “lot” factor in this decision.

“I need to get my medical advice along with economic advice,” Adams said. “I sit with my economists, just as I sit with my doctors and medical professionals.

New York City Mayor Adam hosts a news conference at the Jacoby Medical Center in the Bronx.
The Big Apple also offers monoclonal antibody injections for specific patients.
GNMiller / NYPost

“We have to have the right balance. It can’t be one way or the other.

COVID-19 cases in the city have dropped by 80 percent since the beginning of January, according to health officials.

Seven to five percent of New Yorkers now “Fully vaccinated”I.e. they received two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

New York City Mayor Adam hosts a news conference at the Jacoby Medical Center in the Bronx.
Seven to five percent of New Yorkers are now “fully vaccinated.”
GNMiller / NYPost

Adams praised his predecessor, Bill de Blasio, for establishing vaccination orders for city employees, businesses and indoor spaces such as restaurants and concert halls – and said he planned to call on the former mayor later Sunday to thank him.

“I would like to give my hat to the management of de Blasio for making some tough decisions about the mandates and how we can make our city a safer place, and I want to appreciate what they have,” he said.

I’m going to call the mayor late today and tell him, you know, we were able to create what he already has.