May 22, 2024

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Odessa's shock wave

Odessa's shock wave

The first rule of misinformation is that it doesn't have to act as a hoax. He doesn't necessarily believe what he says. Enough to sow confusion. In the end it was enough to be unable to tell the truth from the lies.

No one can say for sure that Zelensky and Mitsotakis were the targets of the missile attack in Odessa. “Targeting” may have been a creative misdemeanor, acting as an act of intimidation without retaliating – aerial bowling to anyone who approached. A warning that Moscow is ready to recognize its enemies and “punish” them.

A statement issued by Russia's former puppet president Dmitry Medvedev in the second year was a denial and at the same time an acceptance of responsibility. “We don't want to hit the Zelensky-Mitsotakis motorcade. If we wanted to, we would have won.” We didn't, but we might next time.

“Putin's unofficial spokesman does not need to believe that the strike's 'shock wave' was miscalculated.” He must let go of the idea that such a strike could have been precisely attempted and executed.

Medvedev's “declaration” doesn't leave much purpose, even if one manages to hide behind the evasion that “we don't know the exact circumstances of the blow.” However, in Greece it was met with deafening silence. No opposition party felt the need to comment on the armed taxi driver at the expense of the Greek prime minister.

One can imagine the reason behind the silence. We heard it, and we read it monotonously from the Kremlin's domestic apologists: Mitsotakis was “provoked”. His presence there was not peaceful. Strengthening Putin's Enemy? What do we expect Putin to do next? Sit with arms outstretched? Why not launch a missile as a message?

This time, Putin's pro-arguments were interrupted by a scenario where the prime minister was “pushing” into Russia, as he wanted to show off to European partners and the Americans. The outburst was presented as the “result” of a personal philandering campaign by the same voices hypersensitive to even the slightest hint of insult to national honor. The more easily their national ego elevates the importance of symbols, the more easily it falls against Putin's “symbolic” violence.

The incongruous outcome of Odessa once again showed the need for a consensus on the basic geopolitical orientation of the country. Because precision, difference of vision is not limited to the map of geopolitics. The content of “Westerners” is also contested on a cultural level – from foreign policy to family law. Political stability masks fundamental divisions. But it's always there.


We have passed the English subtitles. We went back to the pre-linguistic stage.

Yes or no

“Let's wait until the investigations are over.” It has become synonymous with “I'll explain you're not what you think.” This is a perfect evasion for not being responsible for the investigations. When the Home Office responds to allegations of personal data leaks, it only gives half an answer if it says “an investigation is ongoing”. For the answer to be complete – and not to be perceived as an omission – it should also mention the timeline of the investigation. “The minister has asked the services to clarify the issue and he will announce their decision at the end of the month.” The answer at the end should be definite and one-word: yes or no. Yes, we found the hole. No, we can assure you that even after scanning our electronic file, no holes were detected. In this case, the investigation requires minimal investigative effort – since access to the system is (presumably) a closed circle of operators. Its ability to protect the data it collects from citizens to serve them will be manifold – restoring the credibility of the state. Don't sell them as a marketing boon.

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