May 22, 2024

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Angels and Fly-Over Festival Parade in Thessaloniki (Photo)

Angels and Fly-Over Festival Parade in Thessaloniki (Photo)

A gathering of festival revelers with fancy costumes and entertainment is currently taking place at Lefkos Pyrkos Square, from where a carnival parade is expected to start at 4:00 p.m., at least according to reports on social media. Rhythm is provided by groups of drummers.

It may be recalled that traffic police did not initially grant permission for the first festival parade in the city center after 60 years due to obstructions. Its founders, who launched the entire venture through social media, decided to “rename” it as the Carnival Parade – Rally of Love to take place.

While all seemed ready with its announcement, police said there was no one on the main streets of the city for the event. As issues are raised for the safety of the participants and users of the road network, the “organiser” has not obtained the necessary permissions from the competent agencies to hold the said event.

Organizers expressed their anger at the police announcement that the parade would gather at the White Tower as usual, even though many thought the parade would not be possible with their posts on the side of the Thessaloniki Carnival. 15:00 and then parade in Chimiski at 16:00.

As announced, the parade, which will feature floats and is already lined up at various locations, is expected to last for approximately two hours.

Among others, there will be carnival groups that have nothing to do with metro, flyover and Halkidiki.

See photos from of people gathering at the White Tower after 15.00.


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